5 Weirdest Fetishes Escorts May Encounter

Most probably than not you have heard and seen almost everything and anything under the adult entertainment business when you are working in the escort industry. Your clients must have told you some things they don’t feel comfortable telling other people, asked for sexual requests they don’t expect from their real-life partners, and told you their desires and fantasies they hope you would realize. Most of their fantasies, desires, and fetishes are odd and some are common. Whatever fetish it may be, you may or may not want to follow your client’s wishes.
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Here are some of the most common and weirdest fetishes you may experience with clients:
1. Paraphilic Infantalism
This is the act of depicting an infant and requiring modified care. This can include soiling diapers or being fed with a bottle. Clients who have this fetish enjoy the liberty they experience when they are taken care through this fetish. As an escort, you can encounter this type of client and it may require you some things such as powder, adult-sized diapers, baby soap, and other baby things.
2. Salirophilia
This kind of fetish involves sexual satisfaction from disheveling or dirtying an attractive appearance of a person. This may involve covering a person in dirt or mud, messing up someone’s hair, ripping one’s clothing or smearing make-up. The people engaged in this kind of activity don’t mean to harm each other. However, they just do it for the desire to make one another unattractive. They are aroused by such actions and in fact they keep mementos of the said activity.
A lot of people have fetishes even though they try to keep it repressed as per the excerpt below:

Shrien Dewani surfed a gay fetish hook-up website the day after his murdered wife’s body was found on their honeymoon, court documents suggested yesterday.

In a series of dramatic admissions, the millionaire businessman said he accessed homosexual sites in the days before and after the death of Anni Dewani which he is accused of orchestrating. 

The 34-year-old, who claims to be bi-sexual, used the logon name of ‘asiansubguy’ to take out premium membership of Recon, according to his admissions statement released by the court.

The term ‘sub’ is believed to refer to ‘submissive’.

The document shows he was signed into Recon the day before Mrs Dewani was killed and two days after she died, staying logged on for several hours.

Recon describes itself as the ‘world’s largest hook-up site for men into fetish gear’ and has 38,000 members. 

He also logged onto gay dating website Gaydar while he and his new bride waited for an internal flight after two nights at a safari lodge on their luxury getaway. 

Gaydar boasts of being ‘the premier gay dating site. Home to millions of men’. 

Credits: Shrien Dewani ‘surfed gay fetish dating site day after wife Anni’s body was found’ – Daily Mail

3. Agalmatophilia
This fetish involves the sexual appeal to a mannequin, statue or doll and other figurative objects. There are some reports that say some people own life-sized dolls and consider them to be their partners, both sexually and socially. Additionally, the sexual attraction also involves sexual encounters with the particular object. For escorts, if you have a client with this fetish, he may want you to engage in role-playing where you act as a mannequin or statue. Some clients may even engage an escort with a threesome with their dolls.
4. Ursusagalmatophilia
This fetish involves the sexual attraction to teddy bears and other plush-type animals. People who have this kind of fetish may dress up like teddy bears or stuffed animals and engage in sexual encounter with other people who also dress the same. There are large events in large cities that involve people who are dressed in their “fury” costumes for fun and sexual encounters. For escorts with a client like this, don’t be surprised if he asks you to dress up in a costume while being intimate with him.
5. Hematolagnia
This fetish involves the sexual attraction in blood as a way to increase erotic feelings of a person. Arousal is being achieved by just simply thinking about blood or drinking actual blood. This has been influenced by the vampire culture as part of the vampire sex lifestyle. Through this lifestyle, eroticism has been projected by drinking blood and biting.


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