5 reasons to cancel escort encounters

As a professional escort, it is advisable that you shouldn’t cancel bookings with your clients. This will leave a negative feedback on your career. On the other hand, there are particular circumstances that are valid for a booking cancellation. Some cancellations, rescheduling or calling off an encounter may actually be respected by your clients as well. Here are a few considerations why a cancellation isn’t a bad decision after all:
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1. Call off appointments with clients who have personal crisis in some sort | Once a client experiences a personal crisis and is pointed during his appointment with an escort, she should be able to understand that the client needs to attend to some personal issues in his life. There are times when a crisis may be connected to family and friends, or maybe personal belongings. As an escort, you should feel the need to deal with some essential stuff in life. You can reschedule the encounter and give him a date that best fits his schedule.
2. Cancel an appointment when you feel sick | As an escort, you should be familiar with the illnesses that are easily spread out when you are exchanging bodily fluids during an encounter. A nasty cold, a virus, flu or an STD are usually the common diseases easily passed on when a person is participating in sexual and intimate activities. Any type of contact that involves skin-to-skin can spread vicious germs from the hooker to her client. Let your client know that the cancellation is because you’re sick and you don’t want him to be infected by disease as well.
An example of how diseases can be spread can be found below:

A WHO statement released last week, however, warns of the dangers of such treatments. In West Africa, where Ebola has killed thousands in mostly impoverished areas, blood banks are not considered stable establishments. Credits: Hope For Ebola Treatment Found In Survivors – North Country Public Radio


3. Give a reschedule to clients when you’re too squeezed of your time | This is not just to give an excuse to your client. Give your client an encounter that he really deserves. Most often than not, a client has a little window of availability for an appointment with an escort. A lot of escorts attempt to press in clients and find out that she has a few minutes to go to the next encounter. As a result, she can shoo away a client abruptly so that appointments won’t overlap. This will definitely leave a negative mark with most clients, so it’s better to reschedule them.
4. Reschedule encounters if you’re injured | There are some escorts who are injured by the risks they undergo during encounters such as slight injuries from bondage activities or falling off the bed during certain physical activities with clients. Others sustain injuries due to physical ailments or other circumstances like accident-related problems or sports-related concerns. If you continue with your appointment, then you might hurt yourself even more.
5. Make a cancellation during bad weather | Although a time with an escort may be a real enjoyment, nobody should still risk life or just a limb, especially when there is a terrible weather. Discourage your clients from getting out, because he may be caught by a hazardous weather condition. Moreover, it’s nonsense to go out and pursue with an encounter when you know you have to go over some difficulties. There’s always a rescheduling for an appointment with your client.




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