Top Advantages of Escorts Using Bitcoin

Untraceable and flexible, money is the king – whether or not you are an escort. Additionally, there are other payment alternatives that escorts can do from clients. Some modern ways of getting fees from clients are PayPal deposits to direct bank transfers. However, there is a new way of paying a courtesan, and reviewers say the advantages and disadvantages about it.
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Bitcoin, a crypto-currency has appeared onto the financial world as a deregulated way of monetary tender. This is seemingly impracticable when it comes to regulations, absurd laws and decrees.
Bitcoin was developed in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. This is a digital currency based on cryptography and operating under no Soviet-style central regulating authority, nothing like the US dollar. It’s transferable by means of Smartphone or computer without involvement of banking establishments.
Although the idea of Bitcoin is still controversial and very new, because of its experimental status, a lot of huge named investors have already invested their money to advertise the currency.
A lot of escorts are still wondering if Bitcoin is really a good alternative payment option. Here are the real advantages of this emerging currency.
* Being anonymous is more probable using Bitcoin.
Even though it’s impossible to be fully anonymous when using the Internet, the currency transfer with Bitcoin is providing the best vei nowadays. When an escort exchanges Bitcoins with a certain client, her transactions may be made into public. On the other hand, an escort’s private details will not be made public. An escort can buy, sell and transfer Bitcoins without inputting any personal detail on the Internet in any way. She can also receive transfers from clients in a discreet and anonymous manner. This means she can not reveal any personal information to them. The transactions are not traceable. But when you withdraw funds or convert them, some details are necessary like your bank account number.
* Not exchanging real money.
Bitcoin is considered as a virtual currency. It is not considered as legal tender, especially in the US. The value of it is as random as that of any fiat currency. Most escorts are concerned with the perception of the legal system about their transactions with clients. When using Bitcoins, it creates an even fuzzier line, because of the virtual nature of the currency. In many laws, it creates possible for loopholes.
* Easier to accept Bitcoins for payment.
The very primary thing an escort should do is to establish a Bitcoin wallet. An escort can set up her Bitcoin wallet on her mobile or utilize one of Bitcoin’s many websites in order to set up her own wallet. After it’s completely set up, an address will be created for the courtesan. When charging the clients for every appointment, she can just give them the address and ask them to send the payment over there. check this excerpt for how bit coin is becoming more popular:

For extra safety, this is where the discreet escort can leverage the WoT. For instance, she knows that I’m not likely to rate some guy who’s just a cop married to a fat sow and butthurt about it. So if she only fucks the people in my WoT, not only can she turn a pretty penny because we’re all rich and powerful and whatnot, but she can also rest reasonably assured that she’s not about to get stinged. Moreover, if she does get stinged, she has recourse! She can complain to me, for instance, and I can just as soon turn my rating into a negative, and all that hard work put into penetrating the WoT and acquiring valuable ratings is now gone in an instant!

Which is the overarching point here, leaving aside Candice and her passionate cocksucking passtimes : perfect money corrupts absolutely.

Credits: The discreet escort, or how Bitcoin makes prostitution – Trilema

* Payment comes in an instant.
It just requires a few seconds to perform transactions in Bitcoin. Although it may take a while for a client to reply or the transaction to be verified, once a client sends money, the escort may
receive a message that says “pending” that usually lasts for an hour. During this period, the money or the payment is being verified and completed.

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