The English county of Kent is located south west of London and is praised for its historical and artistic wealth. Due to its proximity to the country’s border, Kent was involved in many conflicts. The most prominent amongst these is the Battle of Britain which occurred during World War II. Thanks to the vastly developed water travel in the area, Kent was counted on as a vital provider of navy support to the war effort. Historically, it also inspired many writer and artists. This includes Charles Dickens who, in many of his novels, features scenery of the Rochester, Cliffe and Chatham marshes. The painter J.M.W. Turner was inspired by the East Kent coast, where he grew up and continued to return to throughout his life. The Marlowe Theater is situated in the city of Canterbury, one of the bigger cities in Kent. The theater was built in honour of the legendary playwright Christopher “Kit” Marlowe and is one of the major theaters in England. After being remodeled and reopened in 2001, the theater seats 1200 people!

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