London Escort: My One of a Kind Experience

I am just an average man who likes to travel a lot. I had gone to Alaska, the mystic islands of Indonesia and even in South Africa. Thanks to all my travelling, I have picked up some tips on how to travel light and avoid baggage fees, these are highlighted in the excerpt below:
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1. Carry a small bag The amount of stuff you take with you on a trip depends on the size of the bag you use to carry it all. As the size of the bag grows, the temptation to fill it increases. Force yourself to pack only the essentials by using a smaller bag, preferably one that will fit on an airplane as carry-on luggage.

2. Take only the essentials As you gather up the things you want to bring with you on a trip, examine them one by one and ask if they are truly essential. Too often, we bring ‘what-if ‘ items that are never used. If it turns out later that you really did need that unlikely item, chances are you can buy it locally.

3. Reduce toiletries Bottles of shampoos, soaps and other beauty products take up a lot of space, are heavy and often leak. Most hotels stock the basics and if you need something they don’t have, it can usually be bought at your destination.

4. Go virtual Smartphones can take the place of a lot of physical objects you would normally carry with you. It can be a camera, a book reader, a guide book, a map and many other things. If there’s an app for it, then you’ll instantly shave weight from your bag.

5. Choose clothing wisely Most of what we pack in our luggage is clothing. Pick items that match each other to give your wardrobe maximum flexibility. Reduce the amount of clothing you bring since you can find a place to launder your clothes just about anywhere and if you wear garments with synthetic fibres, they are easy to clean by yourself in a sink.

Credits: Travel Top 5: Tips for packing light to avoid extra fees – Regina Leader-Post

All these previous travel destinations where very interesting and adventurous. I always wanted to explore the uncharted and untouched places on Earth and yet sometimes I have the tendency to peep into interesting and new experiences.   This led me to London escorts.
When I first heard about London escorts from an acquaintance, I was shocked since this was something new for me even though I traveled to a lot of places before. I decided to travel to London and see for myself. I uncovered that there were many types of London escorts depending on how they are available and accessible. Charlotte escorts are those found inside the Internet with the use of websites that are handled by agencies. They are registered and easily hired by most travelers due to their easy access. The other ones are those ordinary escorts found along streets within the city. The good advantage here is that they are generally cheap london escorts. Their rates are usually at a fixed rate with no premium boundaries. The only problem is that most escorts found along the streets are hard to find  as well as not registered. This would mean that customers could no longer trace them if anything bad happens during their service.
As I walked around the city towards different districts, I also discovered that London escorts are divided as well according to location. There are North London escorts where most of the Underground tube system is located. It is also an area where there are a lot of people with multicultural identities. The group includes Camden Town escorts and Finchley Central escorts to name a few. In addition to that, there are also West London escorts, South London escorts, and East London escorts. All of these escorts are professionals in their services to the traveler of the city.
I hired one of these types of escorts during my stay in London and it was a very nice experience. She turned out to be my guide as well as a companion when I visited the cityís historical places. My trip did not turn out to be boring and I loved every bit of it. I recommend having a London escort whenever a trip to London is arranged in the future.


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