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Travelling to a different country could be quite an adventure, especially when you’re travelling on your own. Everything just seems so different and everyone is a stranger to you, the sights are more beautiful than normal to the locals and it’s just a whole new experience to be in a country that’s not yours. To ensure a safe solo trip, it is best to adhere to “The lone ranger’s survival guide”  shown in the extract below:
  • Kimberly

  • Antonia

  • Renata

  • Andrea

  • Isabelle

  • Ramona

  • Elise

  • Ella

  • Anastasia

  • Emily

  • Vivi

  • Mercedes

  • Adelina

  • Natalia

  • Krystal

BEN ROSEVEARE, head of travel for tour company Intrepid Travel, shares his top tips for a safe trip.
  • Write down key information. For each place you visit, store important numbers such as the local tourist office in your phone and on a notepad. Take hotel details out with you. You will feel better knowing you have them.
  • Be gentle with yourself. It can take a whole day to acclimatise to a new place. If you feel tired, then sleep. If you’re hungry, eat. Remember it’s supposed to be fun, not an ordeal.
  • When going out for the evening, leave a note in your room saying where you’re going, who with and when you expect to be back.
  • Know your own limits, especially where alcohol is concerned. It’s absolutely crucial to keep your wits about you.

Credits: Backpacking: Why flying solo is good for the soul –

 There will come a time for solo travellers to start feeling a little lonely, and craving for someone whom they can talk with or share their company with.
When you’re in London, this city provides a different brand of entertainment which can be a solution to all your solitary woes, these are the London escorts. A few days in London or even at the moment your plane lands you will be able to figure out just where to avail for these services. There are many agencies in London to choose from, and with many agencies comes a variety of their so-called “products”, which are actually rather gorgeous women.
So what do these women do and why are they particularly famous with mostly male tourists? Usually ones who are single and travelling alone? Well asides from the fact that these agencies have a wide variety of glamorous women, they have special trainings for these women in order for them to provide their customers really quality service. If you’re a lonely male tourist looking for some company, your money won’t be wasted on these escorts because they’re worth every pound.
It’s not heavy on the wallet as well, if you know where to look you will be able to get a beautiful escort at a reasonable price. Asides from food, water and other necessities you will have to use your money on during your trip, it won’t hurt to fit a really pretty escort in your budget. As what was said before, it won’t really cost much if you know where to look and they do provide quality service, it’s better to enjoy your trip with someone rather than alone after all.
Their services don’t just stop at accompanying you wherever you go and somewhat acting like a tour guide during your trip at London, but they could work until very late at night if ever you want someone to warm up your cold, lonely nights at your hotel room. They can provide rather intimate services if that’s what the customer wants, their mission is to please the customer after all. There are also the West London escorts and East London escorts who could provide quality services if you’re in such area.


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