South London

South London: Is Living In South London Right For Me? 

South London is one of the most popular places to live in for a large numbers of reasons. Thanks to its excellent location, you can access the motorway network easily. The M3, M4 and the M25 are all easily to get to from South London. That is great when you work somewhere like London Heathrow or London Gatwick. But, what is it like to live in South London? 

What London boroughs make up South London? Some confusion reigns as far as South London Boroughs are concerned. For instance, did you know that part of Richmond-On-Thames is considered as part of South London. Then you also have Greenwich, Bexley, Croydon, Bromley, Kingston, Lambeth, Sutton and Wandsworth. South London covers a surprisingly large area when compared to other parts of London. When I was growing up in London, Croydon was never thought of as part of London. 

South London – An Exciting Place To Live

For some reason, South London always seem to be “on the move”. This part of London seem to be keen to extend its borders and is almost forcing itself on Surrey. That gives it a lot of scope for young people who want to live in London. They can choose from Croydon or Bromley when they want to find a reasonably priced property. If you have extra cash to spare, you can aim a little higher. Greenwich and Kingston are both two South London boroughs with a lot to offer. 

One of the many advantages of living in South London, is that the centre of London is easy to get to. South London has a good range of public transport options and excellent facilities. Of course, places like Greenwich are exciting places to visit. If you have not as yet been to the National Maritime Museum, it is about time you paid it a visit. Greenwich is also home to one of the largest covered markets anywhere in the world. You will find goods from all over the world sold there. 

Is South London Bigger Than North London? 

Although South London may feel bigger, North London is still its larger cuisine. A visit to South London will make your realise that what makes this part of London special, is perhaps its historical significance. Also, homes in South London are closer together. In some parts of North London, homes are more spaced out. Many Londoners say that South London feels busier. Yes, it is probably true. South London does indeed feel very much like a busier part of London. 

One of the places many visitors, and even Londoners forget to visit, is Lambeth. It is one of the oldest parts of London. Lambeth gets its name from the word lamb. Lambs used to be brought into this part of London to be sold or slaughtered. By the start of the Victorian era, Lambeth was quickly industrialised. During the 2nd World War, large parts of Lambeth was heavily bombed. This is why Lambeth now looks very modern compared to other parts of London. 

Having A Relationship In South London

Who lives in South London? South London is home to people from all walks of life. Both the young and the old seem to enjoy living in this part of London. Many families who call South London their home, have lived there for generations. Terrace houses are often large and sprawling and many have divided into homes. But, of course, today’s generation is not so keen to live with their parent and many large South London homes have been sold off. 

Dating in South London is easy. You will be spoiled for great places to go with your girlfriend, or a sexy girl from your local South London escort service. If you do like dating and not committing to a permanent relationship, you will find girls from all different nationalities living in South London. For some reason, South London has become home to a large number of ethnic communities. This is the one place in London you can always pick up an exciting date. 

What To Do For Fun In South London? 

In many ways, a lot of people who call South London their home, have a rather traditional lifestyle. Going for Friday fish and chips is still a popular tradition in South London. Greenwich is very vibrant and is full of places where you can enjoy fish and chips with your girlfriend or an escort. It is not clear why fish and chips is so popular in Greenwich. Perhaps it has something to do with its naval tradition. 

South London is also a great place to date when you are a bit younger. There are plenty of cinema complexes where you can go to watch a movie with a girl or friend. Many people who live in South London go out more when compared to others living in West London. South London is a great place to go shopping. Towns such as Croydon and Bromley in Kent have great shopping centres where you can spend all day.  

Is there work locally? Fortunately, there is plenty of work in South London. Many companies and organisations that have moved out of central London have relocated to South London. You will find an excellent range of employment opportunities. That is great news if you are in a relationship where you need to work locally. Having a local job makes it easier to cope with other commitments such as childcare and taking care of parents. 

What is the future for South London? Although South London is somewhat limited by the perimeter of the M25, it is set to continue to expand. The only problem is homes. South London has a lot of green belt land which can’t be built on. If you have a young family and is thinking about moving to South London, now is a good time to start looking for a home. South London is a good place to live and has many opportunities to offer someone who wants to both enjoy life and work hard. 


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