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Modern day Ashburton is mainly a residential area with lots of houses and flats. It forms part of the London Borough of Croydon, and many of the local residents refer to Ashburton as Addiscombe or Shirley. For a part of Greater London, it is very densely populated and consists of a lot of start home. Many of the local residents in Ashburton in Croydon commute into London on a regular basis.

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Moving out of central London Paddington was a huge step for me. My parents were originally from Croydon, but personally I had spent very little time living in the area. Yes, I had gone back to visit family and stuff like that. When my company in the City laid me off, I decided to take a different look at life. I soon figured out that if I sold my flat, I would be able to buy something right out in Greater London. That is how I ended up in Ashburton in Croydon.

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