Negative Effects of Escorts’ Busy Schedules

Crazy hours are just normal when it comes to the profession of escorts. They sometimes work during wee hours just to meet the demands and requests of clients. They work for long days and nights in order to meet up with booked appointments and encounters to reach client satisfaction. However, if an escort is working on an irregular schedule, it greatly affects her sleeping patterns and healthy lifestyle. It takes a lot of serious toll on both mind and body when an escort’s schedule is very hectic.
Effect on an escort’s diet
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When an escort has a very busy schedule, her diet is also affected. For her health to be maintained healthy, she should try to maintain three to five regular meals every day. It is important to eat regular meals within the day, because this serves as your fuel for a whole day’s activity. Make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet with a lot of healthy parts, including natural food products like lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, try to mix in low-fat food options and at least 6 glasses of water every day.
While you eat health food options, you should also try to avoid your intake of junk and fast food choices as they may cause your body to respond slowly as time goes by, especially when you have lesser time for sleep. Reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages such as wine, liquor or beer as it makes your body difficult to rest. Make sure that you are eating the proper food at the proper time to keep your immune system healthy and your energy up and running.
The effect of not getting enough rest
Regardless of an escort’s very insane and busy schedule, she should at least attempt to fit in eight straight hours of sleep every day. According to sleep experts, when a person does not have enough sleep, the body starts to function less effectively, causing it to malfunction and not work as efficiently as before. All other systems in your body are also affected and negatively impacted when you do not have adequate sleep.
The extract below explains how a a lack of sleep can detrimental to your health:
Sleep deprivation is linked to a variety of serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. It stresses you out because your body overproduces the stress hormone cortisol when it’s sleep deprived. While excess cortisol has a host of negative health effects that come from the havoc it wreaks on your immune system, it also makes you look older, because cortisol breaks down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic. In men specifically, not sleeping enough reduces testosterone levels and lowers sperm count. Credits: Sleep Deprivation Is Killing You and Your Career – Forbes
If fitting in an eight-hour sleep in your schedule is not possible for you, then you should resort to any sleeping method that will work for you. It is better to get in some sleep than having none at all. If you experience changes in your working schedule as escorts, then you should try to have a transition in your sleeping patterns ahead of time. You can sleep an hour earlier after work and wake up an hour earlier before going to work. If you have enough time and if it allows your schedule, then you can repeatedly do this for a two consecutive nights and slowly transitioning to a closer schedule of sleeping pattern. By doing this, your body’s reaction will be eased to the new patterns of your sleeping time.
In addition to this, do not allow any interruptions if you are going to sleep. Once you get your head down and have some rest, you should restrict others from disturbing you. Interruptions may just cause you to lose some or just a little of your valuable time.


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