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Kensington is part of the Royal Borough of London and Kensington, and can easily be said to be one of the more exclusive residential areas of central London. This is where you will find some super posh hotels, and many small exclusive boutique style shops. If you are in the mood for a visit to Kensington in West London, you may just want to bring your platinum credit card. Kensington is one of those places which is not cheap to visit. It is also the major museum district, and you will also find another London landmark, the Royal Albert Hall, in Kensington.

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Kensington West London escorts

Needless to say, you will also find Kensington escorts in this part of London. It is said that this is perhaps the most expensive part of London to date escorts in, but if you shop around a bit, you may still be able to find some cheap Kensington escorts services. However, as a whole, if you are looking for cheap escorts services, you may want to look in other parts of London. Some very important and wealthy people date in this part of London, and the girls who work, seldom talk about their jobs for Kensington escorts services.

I did not start out working for Kensington escorts, says Amanda. The truth is that there are very few girls who dive straight in and become Kensington girls. You need a lot of experience to work in this part of London, and many of the dates that we have are very demanding and particular. I don’t mind, and I have to say that I rather enjoy working for Kensington escorts. We are pretty much busy all of the time, but the summer is extremely busy for our services. Lots of wealthy international visitors seem to enjoy our company.

How do you become a VIP escort

Lots of girls dream of becoming VIP escorts and it is not something that you just fall into. It took me a few years of hard work to get here, and before I joined Kensington escorts services, I had to work really hard and went through a lot of agencies. Dating here is all about experience, and fulfilling a role which is just full of expectations. The gents that I date on a regular basis demand the very best, and you could say that is what dating in Kensington is all about these days.

Kensington has always been associated with escorts agencies, and lots of girls have made a very decent living from being escorts in Kensington. Fortunately, I did manage to get here at long last and now I am doing well. It took me a little while to build up my dating diary. Although I enjoy being really busy in the summer time, I do appreciate the local gents who date us all year around. Working in Kensington is not just about rich international business men as many girls think. We date a lot of locals as well, and it is fun with a bit of variety.

My day at Kensington escorts

I do put in a lot of time at Kensington escorts and I think that unless you are prepared to that, you are not going to succeed. It is not only about the escorting in itself, it is also about looking good. Personally, I prefer to do things the natural way, and I spend lots of money on good quality skin care and at the gym. Some of the girls have had some major enhancement, but that is not for me at all. I don’t want to end up with a pair of fake boobs at the age of 40, and start looking a bit Barbie like.

During the day I have a lot of general dates, and that is with gents who like to come and see me on incalls. After that, I normally have a dinner date. Most of the time the date does not end once dessert has been eaten. My dinner date gents also like to spend some personal time with me and we often go back to my boudoir, or to his place. Lots of the hotels are rather posh, so we always have to be a bit careful but most of the time it is just fine.

Do I like it?

Yes, is still enjoy working for Kensington escorts and I have no plans to leave. Some of the girls start off at Kensington escorts with lots of enthusiasm, and then they start to earn a lot of money. Yes, it is sensible to save it up, and the girls who do that often leave after a year or two. I like dating and I have some great gents that I like to see on a regular basis. There is no way that I am just going to leave Kensington escorts, I would like to carry on dating for a good few years.

Sometimes it would be tempting to leave, and when London gets dark and grey in the winter time, I feel like escaping somewhere hot on a more permanent basis. But, I just book myself of a holiday to the Caribbean and come back a couple of weeks later, feeling totally refreshed and ready to go again. I am not sure if living abroad is for me at all, and leaving Kensington escorts would mean that a huge chunk of my life would be missing.

Do I take escorting seriously? I do, and I think that you need to do that if you are going to succeed at Kensington escorts. Some girls do not want to make a career out of escorting, so they always stay with a mediocre agency. Personally, I set myself the challenge to work for Kensington escorts, and now I am very reluctant to let it go. I am sure most career minded girls feel exactly the same way, and it does not matter if you are an escort or a city banker, you will do well if you take your career seriously.