It has been said countless times that the escorting profession is the oldest in human history. Kent escorts have been a part of the history. Since the dawn of recorded history, people have exchanged money and valuables for pleasure and the company and affection of the fairer sex. Even knowing this, few people ever make the connection between the oldest profession and their national history. To be fair, the connection might not be so obvious.

Escorts have always been at the core of all advanced societies, but they have always worked in the shadows due to the moralistic and legal suppression they endure. Every man, in some cases, women needs to have fun to endure the day to day. Yes, there have been lesbians since the record of the era of civilization. No matter where in the world you are, you will find escorts working in some form or another, and this is evidence that the role they play is a complimentary one to human society.

In this post, we’ll undertake the daunting task of tying the world of escorts to the evolution of human societies, focusing on one area in particular – Kent, England. We hope you learn something new.

Let’s dive right in.

The County of Kent, England

Kent is a name derived from the title of an ancient Celtic tribe that inhabited the South East of England, ranging from the river Thames to the southern coast of England. It is a ceremonial county in South East England, closest to continental Europe. It boasts the fifth-largest population by county in England, with an economy largely reliant on agriculture, logistics, tourism, coal mining, and haulage.

51 BC – Early History

Julius Caesar, then the head of the Roman Empire, described the region as the home of the Cantiaci, or _Cantium_. According to him, these people were by far the most civilized people in Britain, which he considered to be a generally barbarian entity. As the Romans withdrew from Britain during the fall of the Roman Empire, Germanic speakers would come in and settle in the area, bringing their language with them, which grew to be known as Old English.

Any remaining Romano-British people would eventually assimilate with these newcomers. At this point, the city of Canterbury ranked as the largest in the region.


Companions In Kent History

During these early times, the escort industry can be said to have been a well-established industry. The Roman empire spanned most of Europe then and spread with its cultural practices and moral habits. The traveling soldiers, administrative officials, merchants, and private citizens that heralded the spread of the empire would inevitably bring a coterie of escorts with them.

Escorts have always been at the forefront of any advancing empire as they can accompany men who must leave their wives and lovers back at home to do the hard work of colonizing and settling new lands.

It can be said that at this time, escorts comforted these lonesome travelers, sparing local women and waves of unwanted attention and potential harassment from lonely and frustrated Romans. Always trying to get across a message of gfe that they were sluts and prostitutes which is far from the truth.  Cheap Kent escorts were their only source of relief and boy did they have a choice of women of all shapes and size. From a small waist to a large breast, there were a lot categories of adults for you say incalls.

596 AD – Introduction of Christianity

Pope Gregory, I managed to convert King Æthelberht of Kent, a former pagan, to Christianity. His conversion marked the beginning of Kent’s future role as the heart of England’s Christian tradition.

The new religion posed a dilemma for the hitherto well-regarded escorts in the region. Christianity’s strict moral codes made their work more complex on many fronts, but they were never entirely suppressed.

Merchants, soldiers, and business people were now their main clientele, and escorts provided their services to the highest classes of society. Offering them avenues of relaxation and a form of therapy in one of England’s most repressed periods of history. They worked in taverns and i guess you could say they were incall escorts for the guys who were clients.


Kent Escorts Can Be Therapists

People living in an age with no therapists would relieve their stress with cheap Kent escorts rather than confide in Church priests, who often doubled as spies and gathered sensitive secrets and information. The escorts still had a vital role to play. They would meet meet with men, women and couples to talk about their sexual life with them.

People who in that era did not think they had a lot of sexual options. In those days there were not any sex toys, and masturbators were shunned if ever caught in the act of masturbation. Even in this early age people had fantasies about sex and only thing is that they had no one to talk to about it not even their sexual partner, for fear of being reported on.


Cheap Kent Escorts Want You To Discuss Your Sexual Fantasy

There was not really any trust between sexual couples when it came to the secrets of sex and any sexual things as discretion did not exist. This is where cheap escorts in Kent were valuable as you could talk to them about their sexual experience and know that their companionship and discretion was beyond comparison in any kent county from tunbridge wells to rochester.

You could talk to them about anything from fetish fantasy, bdsm, fetish for boobs, sexy women with curves, girlfriend experience with white women, young women, pale skin, dark skinned companion, owo, anal, tits. Everything a young man can legally do with an adult girl and yes there were laws back then incase you wondered.

Escorts were always different from prostitutes however back then it was hard to teach and change the conception between a companion and a prostitute. As far as the ignorant people were concerned they were all slut girls who loved to suck cock or a masturbate a nice penis and loved to provide a sex service.

11th Century – Invasion of Britain

When William of Normandy attempted to conquer Britain, the county was once again thrust at the forefront of the battle. French forces encountered the people of Kent when they first landed ashore, thanks to its proximity to the European mainland. These advances marked the first forays, eventually leading to an all-out war against France. Centuries later, the seeds of discord planted during this time would erupt and last through many decades.

Escorts have always thrived during wartime, and these tumultuous years were no different. It was a time of high intrigue and espionage, with opposing forces seeking ways to confound their enemies. Cheap Kent escorts provided a ready means for local resistance forces to discover their enemy’s weaknesses and plans, as many French soldiers would reveal their secrets after nights of debauchery.

They made excellent spies with their sexy body enticing men to confide in them with their gaze unable to drop away from their beautiful ass. It is not just the escorts of Kent or the escorts of surrey that made great spies because the beautiful woman that they are. Escorts all over the world from brunette asian, Italian or German beauty who has a intellectual mind, to a blonde Spanish lady who loves the domination of gentlemen and the sexy appearance of control.

Second Word War – Battle of Britain

The gongs of war rang again over the skies as Hitler’s war machine ravaged France and set its sights on Britain. In the period between 1944 and 1945, over 10,000 V1 Rockets were fired into Britain from Nazi bases in France. As usual, Kent had to bear the brunt of this assault owing to its proximity to the continent.

Escorts have an uncanny knack for survival, and they managed to do so this time. Escorts had been at the forefront of the women’s empowerment movement thanks to their ability to earn enough money to support themselves and their families without the financial input of a man. They made men spend their money with an sensual touch or errant look of the eyes.


Escorts Pushing The Sexual Liberation Of Women

They turned these newfound ideals of independence, self-reliance, and determination into the war effort, leading thousands of women to work in munitions factories that were the driving force of Britain’s war industry. To this day, the example shown by early escorts is at the heart of modern feminist movements, no matter how unsavory this reality might be in the eyes of some.

They liberated the sexuality of women in the city of London and, in fact, the whole country with the revealing pictures they put online. Even spearheaded the silicone breasts making it more acceptable with models putting a photo of a fake bare breast on sites giving great content to the masturbator in every part of great Britain.

Final Thoughts on escorts

In this post, we’ve chosen to look at Kent during its sharpest upheavals and challenges, but the reality is that escorts have been an essential part of Kent’s history throughout its existence. Like any other societal function, the need for escorts may ebb and flow depending on the prevailing political, moral, economic, and social conditions, but it never disappears completely. The demand for cheap Kent escorts remains high, even if it’s out of sight for most people. There are no signs that it is going to change anytime soon. They are even more popular than ever with an increasing number of beautiful profiles. So why not check out our site with the cheapest and best Kent escort agency.

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