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Where to live next? This is a problem which plaques a lot of Londoners. I did not want to move to far out from central London so I opted for Gravesend in Kent as it wasn’t to far and was a lot cheaper. It is just on the other side of Tilbury Docks in Essex if you like, and it still feels like a part of London. I know that it isn’t exactly London, but this ancient town in the Thames estuary still felt like home to me, and I was happy to lay down roots here. It was easy enough to get into London for work, and I thought that I could also easily pop into to see my friends in London.

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When you first arrive in Gravesend, you may not think that this place is anything special. However, Gravesend has always had a strategic importance in the UK, and it can still be seen today. I found a lovely home in Gravesend, and I was happy to settle down. In many ways, it meant starting over for me, but I think that is just what I needed at this time of my life.

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Christina was a vision to behold. Her long blonde hair ended just below her cherry red nipples and with her lips slightly parted, she just seemed to beckon me in. I fell for her in under ten seconds, and as I watched that perfect body cross my door step, I knew that I would never be able to get enough of this hot bombshell. Around midnight, I had almost recovered from my encounter with Christina, and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I knew exactly who I had been dreaming about.

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