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We should also remember that staying fit is not the easiest thing and it can be difficult. Even cheap London escorts are aware how their body can be their greatest asset. While keeping fit isn’t easy most of the time, it is quite necessary. However, one only need put forth an ample amount of time and effort to achieve that. It doesn’t have to be quite drastic, as demonstrated in the article below:
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When things get complicated, it’s always best to go back to the basics… the essentials. Whether your goal is a fun run, weight loss, or bulking up, you need to pay attention to the essentials of health and fitness.

Banish bad habits

If you’re playing too many video games, drinking too much, or are generally unproductive, it’s time to shift bad habits to good ones. Identify your bad habits and create a strategy to conquer them, or they will conquer your health and future.

Cleanse your kitchen

Get out the sauces, fizzy drinks and juices, processed boxed and canned goods, crisps, biscuits, and sugar cereals. Bring them all together like you’re planning a party … then tip them into the bin. You can’t be a junk food consumer in a junk-free kitchen. A healthy inventory of food ensures a healthy diet.

Perform simple bodyweight movements

From running to squats and push-ups, understand the essential bodyweight movements that still elicit results. Give me a jump-rope and show me a park with some stairs close by, and I can provide umpteen workouts that will test your body from head to toe. If you’re keen to join a gym? Super. Do it, and recognise that amongst all those complicated machines and weights, simple bodyweight movements still work to lean up, increase fitness, and lose a few kilograms.

Commit to an eating plan

Find an eating strategy where food is considered healthy fuel, not the enemy. Diets that promise rapid weight loss with no exercise are … well, my editor won’t let me use that word. We all know there are BS diets out there, so ignore them. From Paleo to Mediterranean to fasting, there are some pretty useful eating plans to get healthy that include consuming real foods. Choose what suits your lifestyle, not what has been sold to you.

Avoid scams

I was annoyed on Friday night after receiving an email from quite a high-profile and knowledgeable trainer. After some email ping-pong, he finally made his point – he wanted to debate an article he thought I had written on Isagenix. I don’t sell pills and powders to my clients, friends, and family, no matter what some (usually sponsored) scientific study promotes. From Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes to abdominal belts, health and fitness scams are plentiful. You’ll weigh less for sure, but primarily in the hip pocket area. Powders and potions are not the key to a healthier Australia. And for what it’s worth, I didn’t write the article (consumer advocate Choice did), but I do agree 100 per cent with it.

Monitor your progress

I used to be quite chubby back in the days when I was a financial consultant. Now that I’m a personal trainer, I simply monitor my weight with my jeans. If you need a scale to drop kilos? Cool. Jump on it twice a month. Or maybe you fancy an old-school journal, or a higher tech FitBit-like gadget to monitor your movements? That’s great, too. Choose a monitoring device that suits your budget to keep you moving towards your goal.

Be patient

I get that you want that body… now. You want to lose weight, now. We live in such a ‘now’ culture as we demand information, movies, pizza, music, porn, and TV shows – now. With health and fitness? Now is out the door, because patience is what works. If you are willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle for six months, your entire life will change.

Get mentally fit

If your weight or lack of fitness is causing a bit of depression, find ways to avoid the negative. The internet’s cliché factory spits out many memes, but one that I found sums it up for me: Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles … it empties today of its strength. Be strong. Stay positive.

Credits: Back to basics: 10 health and fitness essentials – Sydney Morning Herald

Ladies can use light dumbbells with a bench as an effective way to get in better physical shape. Bond Escorts agency provides their ladies such equipment to support their personal fitness regimen. It comes with proper training and good guideline is to check if you can feel the wood through the bench’s padding. Benches without adequate padding can weaken your spine.
Your core is an important part of your overall fitness. Professional male London escorts exercise their abs two or three times per week. However they are careful not to overdo it. As much as six packs are achievable, abdominal muscles or abs do also need to rest, after all.
It is common for people to push things too far once they make the decision to start a workout regimen. You need to be careful to build up slowly when you first start exercising so that your body adapts to the new level of activity. London escorts are especially cautioned on this since over-work out can paralyze their ability to provide pleasure. There can be no body in pain that can really provide real pleasure to another.
Some people do well with a workout routine that always follows a specific order. First do dumbbells, then the heavier barbell exercises, then do the machine exercises last. However, many strength coaches warn that smaller muscles can wear out faster than larger muscles through unabated use of dumbbells. Such exercise progression is often advised to ladies working in the professional London escorts circuit.
People will often use the weekends to relax and forget about anything that happens during the week. Sustained fitness is all about focus and commitment. You need to keep your mind on your fitness goals 24/7.
One great exercise to build fitness is running. This is why Bond escorts are mandated to complete a certain number of lapses regularly in any field nearest them. Running has many benefits outside of burning calories and building muscle. It can also help your cardiovascular and neurological systems. Because running is aerobic exercise, it keeps the tissues of your brain healthy by sending oxygen enriched blood to the entire area. It helps escorts be more sensitive in connecting with their clients.
A sort of compliment to the cardio benefits of running is cycling. However, it is cautioned not to pedal too fast. It can cause muscular wear and tear. A steady pace on the other hand can build endurance. A steady but brisk pace enables you to feel if you’re about to become injured due to feeling the pull.
For London escorts fitness was always easy or fun. Agencies guide them to approach it the right way. These advices are not for escorts alone but for anyone who is serious about getting fit.


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