Downside Escorts – big hands = big penis is a big fat lie’

Downside in Surrey is well known for its traditional homes. Most of the homes in the loal area are made up by traditional homes such as cottages and farms. The village has a population of about 6,500 people. There is no shortage of local ammentities and the village has its own pub called the Cricketer’s Inn.

Big Hands Vs Slow Hands

One of the my friends at cheap Downside escorts and I went out for a couple of cocktails last Saturday. Believe it or not, it was only one o’clock in the afternoon when we found ourselves taking advantage of a special two for one deal in a cocktail bar. Almost as soon as we sat down, we started to talk about men. I think that talking about men is a bit of professional hazard when you work for Downside escorts.

Most of the time we find that we discuss our working week at cheap Downside escorts. However, for some reason this afternoon we ended up talking about the size of men hands. Does a man with big hands have a big dick? We had to have a giggle, but to be honest, I am not sure that is true. I have met some men with small hands who have had big dicks, and some men with large hands who have had small dicks.

Do Downside Escorts Like Men with Slow Hands?

We chatted about men with small hands for a while. It turns out that most of the girls at cheap Downside escorts in Surrey do like men with slow hands. I certainly like men with slow hands. There is nothing more annoying than a man who strokes you quickly or does not touch you slowly. It does not turn me on at all. 

Men should never rush touching a girl. If you would really like to explore a women physically, you should try to take it slow. If you are too much in a rush, or have something else on your mind, it may be a better idea to get together with her on another day. Women don’t like being rushed and it is a good idea to remember that.

What About Men with Big Hands?

Do women like to date men with big hands? I know many women both at cheap Downside escorts and in private life who really like men with big hands. I suppose if you have big boobs, it is really nice to date a man with big hands. After all, there is nothing like having your entire boob cradled in man’s hand. I think that is one of the sexiest feelings in the entire world.

The other ting that I really like it being grabbed by a man with big hands. It feels super sexy and like he gets hold of all of you at one time. I am sure that many of the girls at Downside escorts know exactly what I mean. The truth is that most women do have a thing about men with big hands. They have this habit of making you feel really good and sexy. Normally it means that they have big fingers.

I don’t know if you have ever been finger fucked by a man with big fingers. If you have not, you have missed out on something special. Let me put it this way, I can’t think of one girl at Downside escorts who does not like being finger fucked by a man with big hands. It is just super sexy.

But, then again, size is not all that matters when it comes to dating. A man personality is important as well and you should never lose sight of that. I like to date men who make me feel like I am special. Not all men who date cheap Downside escorts have got so much time to spend with you.

If you do enjoy dating escorting, it is a good idea to try to spend as much time with your favorite escort as possible. Try to focus on seeing her more often and arrange for longer dates. It does not matter if you have small or large hands. Any time you are in the mood for dating a hot girl, please feel free to give the girls at Downside escorts a call.