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Adisham in Kent has been in the news several times. Most recently when the former banker to the Queen tried to ban walkers from his land. Needless to say he did not succeed. Adisham may only have a population of about 645 souls, however, many of them were only too keen to turn out to stop the ban. This is still very much a rural part of Kent dominated by agriculture, but Adisham’s location close to Canterbury, makes it an ideal home for commuters to both London and Canterbury. 

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What kind of man hires cheap escort?

When I first started to escort, I really wondered what kind of man hires cheap escort. Since my early days in escorting, I have learned that there are many different reasons why men hire an escort. Can you tell what kind of man will hire an escort? The answer to that is no. Like the other girls at Adisham escorts, I have learned that you can’t really tell what kind of man hires an escort.

What  Kind of Men Do You Date at cheap Adisham Escorts?

Since I have been with the escort agency in Adisham, I have dated gentlemen from all walks of life. It is easy to presume that it is a particular kind of gentleman who hires an escort, but that is not true. During my time with the escort agency in Adisham, I have dated businessmen, visitors to Adisham and local guys who may just hang out at our local pub. 

Would the other sexy companions at Adisham escorts give you the same kind of answer? If I know my colleagues right, I am pretty sure that they would give you at least a similar kind of answer.

Have You Ever Dated a Celeb?

I have a lot of experience , and before I started my career with cheap Adisham escorts, I used to work for a premier agency in central London, During that time, I did date a few celebs. The girls at Adisham escorts do think that it sounds really exciting, but I am not sure that I would recommend dating celebs.

The problem with dating celebs is that they are full of themselves. So far I have not met a celeb who does not want to show off even though deep down they are shallow and cheap. If you happen to be on a date with a celeb when he or she is having a “ primadonna” moment, you may indeed end up being photographed. I have met so many celebs who do not tell you that they, or their agent, have called the press. The problem is that most other dates like you to be discreet, and that is not very easy when you date celebs.

What is the Most Exciting Date You Have Been On?

it all depends on what kind of gentlemen you are dating.  Most businessmen I have dated at Adisham escorts do like to make dates very exciting. To be fair, I do think that they get a kick out of it themselves. I have been on some dates with gentlemen who think nothing of going into central London for the night to have some fun.  

We do have some very rich gentlemen who like to hook up with us girls at cheap Adisham escorts. It can be hard to imagine what their lifestyles are like, but one such gentlemen flew me all the way to Paris for a night out. I guess you can say that was the most exciting date that I have ever been on so far. I still see him, and I hope that he is going to come up with another exciting date in the not too distant future.

Dating Just Ordinary Guys at Adisham escorts

Do I like to date just ordinary guys at Adisham escorts? I guess that there are some girls at Adisham escorts who would like to date rich guys all of the time, but I am not like that at all. To me, it is just as nice to hook up with ordinary guys. I have been on some brilliant dates with ordinary guys, and have had a great deal of fun.

However, it can be said that I am more of a girl next doors than a super sexy escorts. I love to go to the pub or for a simple meal. What really makes working for Adisham escorts interesting, is that you often end up having a much better balance when it comes to dating. When I worked in London, I always ended up dating businessmen. That was fine, but sometimes the dates did feel a little bit pretentious if you know what I mean.

What About Specialist Dating Services?

A few years ago, the GFE experience was the most popular way to date escorts in Adisham or elsewhere. But that has changed a lot on recent years, and if you check out modern escort services, you will find that there are some very exciting ways in which to hook up with Adisham escorts.

For newcomers to the escort agency in Adisham, I would have to say that the most popular dating style is still the GFE experience. But that seems to be changing as gents are moving out of London. Many gents who move out of London are single, and would like to enjoy new and exciting dating experiences with the girls at Adisham escorts. 

Needless to say, all Adisham escorts like to make sure they really look after their dates, and that is why we try to offer new versatile styles of dating at the escort agency. BDSM is not that popular as yet, but we do have some gentlemen who are into role play while others may enjoy duo dating. 

What I personally like about working as an escort for Adisham escorts, is that you never know who you are going to meet. Some gents are super rich and they do in general call the girls at Adisham escorts more than other gents. The other factor which comes into play is of course dating styles. We get asked for new ideas when it comes to dating all of the time. That also makes working for Adisham escorts very exciting. Variety is indeed a spice of life, and I am sure most escorts appreciate that.