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Canterbury in Kent is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations outside of London. The City of Canterbury has been famous since the Middle Ages, and will always be remembered because of the Canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Today, Canterbury is a little bit of a mix between the old and the new. The cathedral is still a big attraction, but many companies from London have also relocated to this part of the UK due to the low running costs. For the locals in Kent, Canterbury is still a great place to come for cheap shopping and if you want to do a bit of soul searching in the Cathedral in Canterbury, that is not a problem neither.

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I cannot say that I moved to Canterbury in Kent to do any soul searching. Like so many other small to medium sized based London businesses, I felt that I was forced out of town. It was just becoming too expensive for me to run my software company in London, so I moved out to Kent plus I heard the Kent Escorts.

To be honest, it was almost like a fresh start for me. In many ways, I felt that I needed to be here in Canterbury. A relationship had just ended and I needed to move on in life. Thanks to the move, that is exactly what I have been able to do.

There is a lot more to Canterbury than meets the eye. You may initially presume that it is this religious center. It is in many ways, and I was a bit surprised to find an affordable outcall escorts agency in Canterbury. Being a relatively young man, I was not going to spend every night on my own. The local cheap escort agency is just great, and I have been able to enjoy the company of some really hot and sexy Canterbury escorts. Yes, I used to date in London, but dating outcall escorts from cheap Canterbury escorts is a different experience. You can easily say that it is a bit more sophisticated experience.


One of the things that I really like about Canterbury escorts apart from their low prices, is that they are not in rush. When I date in London, I always felt that the girls wanted to get the date over with as soon as possible so they could move on. I have never felt that way when dating Canterbury escorts. There is no sense of urgency, and I have never noticed any of the hot babes at Canterbury escorts looking at her watch. That. makes a real difference, and I feel that the pressure is of in a way.

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One thing is for sure, the hot babes at Canterbury escorts are ready to be your dream companions any time of day or night. When I come home from a business trip, I often feel that I am in need of some female companionship. All that I do is to give the local escort agency a call, and I can have a hot sexy companion from Canterbury escorts with me within an hour. This is so much better and I have got really hooked on outcall escorts. The girls here at Canterbury escorts like to make sure that you are happy and relaxed. That works really well for me, and I like their approach to dating.

When I dated in London, I often felt that there were certain pressures on me. The girls were always trying to talk you into different things such as duo dating. I am not into that at all. Like the girls at cheap Canterbury escorts know, I just want them to be my sexy companions. That is something Canterbury escorts are really good at, and I enjoy every minute of their company.

If you are visiting the area, I would not hesitate to call Canterbury escorts they are low cost and provide great services. They will show you what good and exciting dating is all about. I am sure that you will enjoy as much as I do. If you don’t, I would be very surprised.

For the Love of Canterbury


I have rather fallen in love with Canterbury itself. At first, it felt very small but now I know that it is a nice place to live in. it may not be the back streets of Soho, but to be honest, I think that I have got that out of my system. What I am looking for now, is some simple and sexy female companionship. That is what I get from Canterbury escorts, and it is exactly what I need.