My Woodside Escorts Babes

I often fly into Gatwick and I end up visiting my aunt who lives in a place called Woodside in Croydon. It is perhaps not the most exciting part of the world, but you can certainly make it exciting. If you haven’t heard of it, it is located in the London Borough of London, slightly south east of the center of the capital. Most of the people who live in Woodside, Croydon commute to London on a daily basis.  My mom grew up here, and this is the main reason why I am so familiar with this area of the UK.

Woodside Escorts Croydon Just For Me

A pilot’s life can be a lonely one, and some airports are the pits. When I arrive at Gatwick airport I know that I am going to have some fun with my favorite girls at Woodside Escorts Croydon.  After my obligatory visit to my auntie in Woodside, I always rush back to my hotel, and set up a date.

The girls at Woodside escorts Croydon are amazing and it is really tough to pick your favorite girl. I have to admit that I really struggle but most of the time I do manage to find a really hot girl. That being said, I have never been let down by any of the hot babes at Woodside escorts Croydon.

Trisha Rocks My World

Trisha is a former American escorts who works for Woodside escorts in Croydon. She says that she has really changed her attitude to dating since she moved to the UK. When she first arrived, she thought that she was the ultimate escorts, but she soon learned that girls take a different attitude towards dating in the UK. It is not all about being raunchy as she says, it is about sophistication as well. I like sophisticated escorts, and that is the main reason why I use Woodside escorts Croydon.

Woodside escorts turn me on!

I do date back home in the US as well, but things are not the same. My father is American but my mom is English, so I think that I look for a different kind of dates. American escorts cannot precisely offer me what I need, and that is why I turn to Woodside escorts in Croydon when I visit. They offer a sexy companionship service with a touch of something special. Trisha is super sexy with her large breasts and sexy long legs, but there is something else about her as well. She has that little something that you cannot just describe, and I know that is what turns me on. If you would like to experience what Woodside escorts in Croydon are all about, I would try to arrange a date with one of the hot vixens as soon as possible.

I have dated other hot babes and raving vixens at Woodside escorts as well, and the dates have been super hot. Often my dates with the girls at Woodside escorts leave me wanting for more of the same.

Woodside escorts on Life in the Air

It is not really an easy life when you are a pilot. Like so many others of my friends, I know that I have to get my fix whenever I can get it. I am not sure, but I have the funny feeling that I am not the only American aircrew to date sexy ladies at Woodside escorts here in Croydon.

I did happen to mention the hot babes to one of our senior pilots during a return flight to the US. His exact words were ” I will check out Woodside escorts the next time”. I have this funny feeling that he did just that. The next time I saw him he gave me thumbs up and seemed to be walking with a spring in his step.

That is exactly what you get when you date Woodside escorts in Croydon. I always feel much better after one of my dates with the beauties, and it is a bit like I can carry on with life. At the same time, I also really miss my hot babes at Woodside escorts, and cannot wait until I touch down at Gatwick again.

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