Tendring escorts explain why they became escorts

Tendring is a district in the English county of Essex, and is home to some of the most famous seaside resorts in the Uk such as Clacton-On-Sea. The entire district of Tendring has a population in excess of 141,100. Tendring has always been a cheap popular place for Londoners to visit during the weekend, but as London continued to grow, it has become a popular place for many former Londoners to settle to avoid sky-high property prices in the UK. 

Why I Became an Escort in Tendring Essex

The girls I know at the escort agency in Tendring have various reasons why they decided to become cheap escorts. Most of them are very sexy and pretty, and many of them have previous experience of working as models or strippers. However, once you have been involved in either modeling or stripping, you may realise that it does not pay too well. The truth of the matter is that most of the girls who work as Tendring escorts have realised that it pays better to escort. It is actually one of the top reasons girls become escorts

But, as I have learned since I have been with cheap Tendring escorts, there are other reasons girls become escorts. One of the girls at the escort agency in Tendring, Amanda, left school early. She simply did not enjoy going to school at all. As a result, she ended up stacking shelves on the night shift in the supermarket. But, she is a savvy young lady, and realised she would never make enough money that way. It did not take her long to swap her trainers for a pair of stilettos and join Tendring Escorts

Top Tips from Tendring Escorts

If you are contemplating becoming an escort in Tendring or elsewhere, I have got a couple of hot tips for you. Escorting is not one of those jobs that you just walk into. When I initially got involved with escorting, I sort of eased myself into. At the time I was doing a lot of modeling, but I could never save any money. After a year, I realised that I would be better of doing something else, and I started escorting for Tendring escorts on a part-time basis.

I don’t think that you should rush into escorting. Some of the girls who work for cheap Tendring escorts came over from places like Poland and Hungary to work as escorts in the UK. They know the money is good, and moved over to the UK to work escorts. Having different types of working experiences is something which really helps if you want to be a successful escort in Tendring.

Is Working for Tendring Escorts Exciting?

Working for cheap Tendring escorts can be very exciting. I traveled a bit as a model, and that gave me rather a good outlook on life. It helped me a lot when I started to escort in Tendring. I ended up dating a lot of businessmen almost as soon as I joined the escort agency in Tendring, and that has made my job at the escort agency very exciting. The fact that I still get to travel a lot is the main reason I have stuck with the job.

Needless to say, the money is good. But, I have to say that you can only make money in escorting when you work hard and take the job seriously. Too many girls think that they are going to join escort agencies to party, and that is all they would like to do. But if that is all that you want to do, you are never going to make it big within the escort industry. You really need to take it a little bit more seriously than that.

The gentlemen I meet at cheap Tendring escorts also really tend to spoil me. Sure, I know that I am one of the sexiest girls at the escort agency in Tendring. However, I do feel that I provide a top class service, and I guess that is why so many gents treat me like an elite escort. I am always receiving nice little presents and I get great cash tips at the same time. 

I am pretty sure that my life would not be as comfortable as it is if it was not for Tendring escorts. Looking at my life, I am grateful for all of the nice gents who take me out, and look after me in more ways than one. Let me put it this way, these gents really know how this busty blond at Tendring escorts would like to be treated.