South Woodham Ferrers escorts

Despite its rather exotic sounding name. South Woodham Ferrers is a town and parish located in Essex. It lies southeast of the Essex city of Chelmsford and has a population of about 16,400 residents. The town lies between Fenn Creek and River Crouch. In recent years, Sout Woodham Ferrers has become a popular commuter town for people who work in either London or Chelmsford. 

My Three Careers Before South Woodham Ferrers

When I first arrived in the UK from Poland, I knew that I could have a good career in the adult entertainment industry. A couple of the friends I had worked with in Poland had moved over to the UK. At the time, the cheap escort service in Warsaw was not exactly thriving, but I guess it had given me some experience of escorting. The UK sounded different, and escorting was not the only thing you could try. So before I joined South Woodham Ferrers, I tried a couple of other jobs within the adult entertainment industry.

My Time As An Adult Model

Like other Polish girls, I dreamed of making it big as a model. We have a few Polish girls working for cheap South Woodham Ferrers escorts, and almost all of them wanted to make it as models in the UK. But modeling in any country is a tough business and work was hard to come by. The money I had brought with me from Poland soon ran out and I ended up sharing a flat with a couple of other Polish girls. It was the only way that I could keep a roof over my head and stay in London. Of course, this was way before I had even heard of South Woodham Ferrers escorts. 

Anyway, I did have rather a good run for my money as an adult model in London. Some girls find that they end up hopelessly out of pocket but I managed to stay afloat. Not only did I make ends meet, but I even saved some money. But I did realise that if I stayed working as a cheap adult model in London, I would not really ever make anything out of myself.

Stripping Before cheap South Woodham Escorts

One day I met this guy in a bar, He was rather suave and told me that he owned a strip club in Soho. He asked me if I wanted a job, and ti my surprise, I heard myself saying yes. Even in the days before South Woodham escorts, I had never thought of myself as a stripper. At the time I was thinking about going to college so I knew that I would need more cash. Reluctantly, I took the job on and tried to fit in around my daytime modeling job. It worked out, and I was soon making extra cash which came in handy.

Running two jobs was pretty tough but I did manage to get enough sleep. It was okay, but it was not the dream career which I had dreamed about when I came to London. Going back to Poland was not much of an option as I knew that I would not make enough in Poland to fulfill all of my dreams.

My Third Job

After I had been with the strip club for about three months, I decided that it was not for me. I still did not know anything about South Woodham escorts, but without knowing it, I was almost there. One of the guys who used to come into the strip club owned a private club in posh part of London and I ended up working there as a hostess. The money was so good I managed to drop the stripping and the modeling. It did not take me very long to start to enjoy the work, and I realise now that I was very much on the right career path. However, the club ended up losing its license and I ended up losing my job.

It was around this time I met the owner of cheap South Woodham escorts. Joining the escort agency in South Woodham and moving to Essex was the biggest decision of my life. It meant moving out of central London which I was not keen on doing. I had fallen in love with London and my lifestyle. Sure, I was not making a lot of money, but I still had money over at the end of every month. But losing my job was the final straw and I left London to start a new career with cheap South Woodham escorts.