Marshside escorts are asked to be extras in a sexy chick flick

Blink twice and you would miss it. Marshside in Kent is a small hamlet located in the Herne Bay area of Kent. It mainly consists of homes and rural farms. Once a very active community, it is more of a cheap residential area and many of the homeowners commute into Canterbury.

We Are Proud to be Marshside Escorts

Don’t for one moment think that us girls at cheap Marshside escorts are the kind of girls you are going to find sneaking around the place. We are very proud to be the hottest girls in the area, and there is little wonder we have been asked to appear in a sexy chick flick. The chick flicks which I have seen recently have been far too tame, and I think it is about time we had some sexier ones. 

The question is, should we make them sexy for girls or men? Men often take a secondary role to women in the movies, and you seldom see a really sexy leading man today. I don’t know what it is but most of the men I see in the movies try to be funny. Sure, all girls like a good laugh, but it makes you wonder what happened to the leading man. Actors like Harrison Ford and Richard Gere were good at it, but I can’t say that I have really seen a good male actor for ages.

Sexy Men in the Movies

If the girls at cheap Marshside escorts were to make a movie, what kind of leading man would they like to see starring in the movie? He may be getting on a bit, but I still have a thing for Harrison Ford. I will always remember the first time I saw him in the role of Han Solo in Stars Wars. He made me go completely weak at the knees. After then we saw him in Indiana Jones. I must admit that I thought that his macho acting style along with a touch of vulnerability made him dead sexy. 

Lots of the girls at Marshside escorts here in Kent admire Richard Gere. Yes, he was great in Pretty Woman but sometimes I find him a bit slimy. He would not be my dream man at all. Instead, I think that I would prefer to act along someone else. Harrison Ford would be my first choice, but Timothy Dalton would be another one. He was the actor who played James Bond twice, and I must admit that he was totally gorgeous. 

Many British actors are very sexy, and I think it has something to do with the accent. It comes across so much better but there are some actors which get on my nerves. Out of those I have to say that Hugh Grant is number one. I don’t like insecure men at all, and I am afraid that he does come across as insecure.

Sexy Movies from cheap Marshside Escorts

Our movie would have to be sexy, but at the same time, it would have to have a romantic theme. I am not sure where we would be able to find inspiration, but when I have a break at Marshside escorts, I like to sit around and listen to romantic music. I have a couple of tunes which have sort of inspired me. One of them is Whitney Houston “Where do broken hearts go to” and the other one is Celine Dion’s “Call the Man”.  You could make it all about a male escort agency, and have a lady fall in love with the escort she is dating.

We are always talking about female escorts falling in love with their dates, but I often think that many male escorts fall in love with their dates. That is one of the ideas that I have. All I need to do now is to find someone to write the script and find out if my idea is indeed viable. I hope that it is, and I may even turn into a Mills and Boon novel. One of the girls here at Marshside escorts actually writes Mills and Boons novels, and these days, they could make even a cheap escort blush.