Lower Hardres escorts – are feminists taking things too far

Lower Hardres in Kent is a village within the City of Canterbury. Like so many other Kent villages, it relies very heavily on agriculture. The village only has a population of about 600 people, but it still manages to support an active community. It has a cheap farm shop and a great pub for when you would like to enjoy a meal out away from the city. 

Too Much Feminism?

I am not certain my colleagues at cheap Lower Hardres escorts would agree with me, but I am beginning to think that many feminists are going over the top. Along with the #MeToo Movement, I think that women are starting to bash men for no reason at all. Everything seems to be the fault of men, and it is not really fair. There are many leading women out there who are just jumping on the bandwagon, and it is simply not working for me. 

I don’t think it is only us girls at cheap Lower Hardres escorts who are getting fed up with the amount of men bashing which is going on. Reading the comments made in several leading UK news publications, it is only too obvious that many women feel the same way as I do. We are not getting anywhere with all of this men bashing, and I think that we need to stop and look back. 

Achievements By Women Admired By Lower Hardres Escorts

Many modern-day women make it sound like women have not achieved anything so far. We only need to take a look at our own country to see that this is not true. So far, the UK is one of the few countries in the world who has had a woman leader. At the moment we have Theresa May but let us not forget about Margaret Thatcher. She was a tough cookie, and at the time, the world needed someone like her. I am not saying the girls at work admired her, but I do think that they feel respect for her.

But, we have not only seen women politicians coming through the ranks. Some of the top trailblazing aviators in history have been women. Just look at Amelia Gerhardt and let us not forget about Barbara Hammer. She was the hairdresser who left hairdressing to become a pilot. After a couple of years with BA, she became First Officer on Concorde. That is the sort of woman the girls here at Lower Hardres escorts really admire. 

The funny thing is that none of these women talked about feminism, they simply got on with their jobs, and ultimately it is what I and many other Lower Hardres escorts admire about them. 

Dating cheap Escorts in Low Hardres

I am not going to pretend that we carry some sort of torch for feminism even though I do think that equal rights are very important. Many women have thought for it, but I have to admit that I do wonder there are some days when I wonder if the girls in the limelight have done more harm than good. One girl here at Lower Hardres escorts says that she thinks that feminism has now gone too far and we try to be in charge instead of just being equal. I do agree, and I think that we have the wrong attitude, and there are days when I switch off the TV when some feminist or another comes on. 

Some feminists do have a point, but if you start to look around you, you will soon notice that there are more women in the workplace than ever before. I think that women have been able to make a difference, but now we are starting to take a step too far. It may sound like a very strange thing to say, but honestly, I do believe it is beginning to affect men’s confidence. No wonder they are a bit unhappy, and I think that the same thing we see happening in society, is also happening at home. All I have to say is that these women are keeping us girls at Lower Hardres escorts busy, and I am not going to be complaining about that at all.