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my dream of having a rich man with lots of money

How can you describe the village of Little Bentley in the Tendring district of Essex? I think I have to stick my neck out and say pretty, pretty and then homely. If you are looking to escape to rural tranquility and get away from it all for a cheap price, you may find that Little Bentley is the perfect place to escape to. It may be a small Essex village, but if you are a keen polo player, you will know it well. Fancy a ride out or a chukka? Well, you know who you need to call…

Would You Like to Date a Rich Guy?

I never ask any of the gents I date at cheap Little Bentley escorts about their financial status, but at the same time, I presume that most of them are rather well off. Asking your date about his income level, is not something that you do, and I think it is a bit cheeky of the girls at Bentley escorts who do ask. I am sure that most gents don’t really appreciate that.

However, if you would like to date a rich guy, there are plenty of places where you can find rich guys. I found my Sugar Daddy at a local golf course, and it was not me who asked if he wanted to be my Sugar Daddy. It was actually him who suggested that I may want to be his Sugar Babe.

Not Leaving Little Bentley Escorts for You

At first, my new found Sugar Daddy wanted me to leave Little Bentley escorts to be his full time Sugar Babe. I have been down that road once before, and it all went to pieces in the end, so there was no way that I would leave Little Bentley escorts to be his full time Sugar Babe.

Not only do I enjoy working for Little Bentley escorts, but it is my bit of independence. I know that some Sugar Daddies have a bit of ditching their cheap Sugar Babes, and I am not going to rely only on a Sugar Daddy. Working for the escort service in cheap Little Bentley suits me fine, and I rather have my Sugar Daddy work around me instead.

Dreams of Dating Rich Guy

If you are dreaming of dating a rich guy, don’t presume that all of rich guys are generous. I am pretty sure that at least some guys who enjoy dating Little Bentley escorts are rather well off, but they don’t talk about. Since I have been working as an escort in Little Bentley, I have some nice presents and gifts from my Little Bentley escorts gents, so I know that there is a lot of hidden wealth in the village, but it is not talked about.

But, when you date rich guys, you are often spoiled and there are many benefits to dating rich guys when you work for an affordable escorts service. I think that many of the guys I have met at Little Bentley are very generous with the girls they date at the agency.

What is Special About the Gents at Little Bentley Escorts?

Dating in rural Essex is totally different from dating anywhere else. As it is a small rural community, dates tend to be less rushed and I like that. Working in a big city as an escort, is totally different from working for Little Bentley escort services, and enjoy dating in the Essex countryside much more than in London.

That does not mean that we are less busy at Little Bentley escorts. I am just as busy at Little Bentley escort services as I was when I worked for the agency in London. Dating escorts is very popular in Essex as well.

Why Do Gents Like to Date Escorts?

You may be right in saying that more rich gents date escorts, but you will find that single gents often like to hook up with hot girls like the girls at Little Bentley escorts, instead of getting involved with personal relationships. When  you are rich, it is often harder to trust people and I guess that is one of the reason why local Little Bentley escorts services have become so popular in the area.

A lot of people these days are staying single out of choice and I don’t blame them. I am not sure that I will ever get married when I leave Little Bentley escorts. It is not easy to come out of the escort service, and on top of that, I rather enjoy the company of my Sugar Daddy. He is not the first Sugar Daddy that I have had, and I doubt very much that he will be the last.

What Do You Do on a Date with Little Bentley Escorts?

What we offer at Little Bentley escorts services, is not that different from escorting elsewhere. However, the most popular way to date a girl from Little Bentley escorts, is to hook up with her on a one to one basis. Dating in places like London, often gets to be a little bit more adventurous but that does not happen so much in Little Bentley. I would say that most gents I met via the escort agency in Little Bentley, date Little Bentley escorts to enjoy some female company. That is fine with me, and so farm I have only met nice gents at Little Bentley escorts.

Incidentally, if you like to meet me or one of the other girls who work for Little Bentley escorts, it is a good idea to take a look at our website first of all. Not all of the girls who work for Little Bentley escorts have long legs, blond hair and are busty like me, but I am sure that we kind find the right talent at the escort agency in Little Bentley, to tempt you out for the night….