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I stick out like a sore thumb in this little town

Lambourne is a cheap small Essex village located rather close to its much bigger Romford. It used to be kind of hidden away, but that was very much before property developers came across Lambourne, Now this rather quiet piece of Epping countryside, is getting busier by the day, as more and  more locals and Londoners, are discovering this part of Essex. The village of Lambourne is certainly worth a visit, and you may even be able to find that perfect countryside home still waiting for you in this part of Essex.

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Hot Girl at Lambourne Escorts

I was not sure that joining Lambourne escorts was such a good idea when I first met the boss of the escort agency in Lambourne. At the time, he was looking for escorts with experience, and thought that I would be a crucial ingredient in his team of escorts. Personally I was not sure and said that I wanted to visit Lambourne in Essex. Not having spent too much time outside of central London, I was a bit anxious about the entire set up of working for cheap Lambourne escorts.

The village of Lambourne struck me as a typical English villages even though I was very close to Romford. The girls who work for Lambourne escorts, were mainly local girls who did have a lot of experience of escorting. I could not see why, my future boss was looking to have some new girls joining Lambourne escorts services.. In order for the business to succeed, he certainly needed some experienced escorts.

Experienced Lambourne escorts

I was not the only elite London escort who had been invited to join the escort agency in Lambourne. A couple of other escorts from rival services had been invited to join the agency as well. I think that we felt that Lambourne escorts were a million miles away from what we were used, and that we would all stick out like sure thumbs in the little village of Essex.

At the same time, it was obvious that Lambourne escorts services needed some talented girls to attract more business for the agency. A lot of the local gents worked in London, and from what I could initially understand, the boss of cheap Lambourne escorts wanted them to date in Lambourne instead of London.

Finding the Right Niche

I had wanted to move out of central London for some time, so I did agree to take on a  month trial contract with Lambourne escorts. It would not really do me any harm, and it could even place me at the forefront of the agency, and I could potentially do well. Giving up everything which I had in London was not something I was prepared to do, so I carried on working in London for a couple of nights every week.

After having been with Lambourne escorts for about sex weeks, I did realise that I stood out like a sore thumb. Some of the less experienced girls at Lambourne escorts services got a bit jealous of me as I was picking up more dates than they were. But then again, what did they expect, I certainly had a lot more experience than they did.

Does Experience Matter?

If you are trying to start a new cheap escort agency like Lambourne escorts, I think that experience is crucial. There is no way that you are going to get gents changing their dating habits unless you have experienced escorts available at your agency. I was not used to dating on an outcall basis but I soon got the hang of that. I did try to speak to the girls at Lambourne escorts, and explain that they should look at escorting as having their own business.

Today I am still dating with Lambourne escorts and I do really enjoy it. Things are a not that different from dating cheap gents in central London. Many of the gents who now visit me used to date in London before they discovered Lambourne escorts. They look for the same services which they used to have in London, and if they could not find them with Lambourne escorts, I am pretty sure that they would go back to dating in London again. There is nothing like an experienced hand, or two, as they say.