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Kirby-le-Soken is very much a working village in Essex. Once, it was home to a Viking settlement as the Viking raiders of years past, used to enjoy its proximity to the sea. Today, it remains very much distinct from the surrounding villages, and despite its rural location in Tendring district of Essex, it has remained one of the most productive villages in Essex. It is a  more popular place to settled for both young and old.

Kirby-le-Soken  escorts on Halloween

I would daresay that most people don’t think that Halloween is a romantic time of the year, but I would strongly disagree with that. When I grew up I used to love going to church yard with my family to light candles. It is a tradition which I have kept up since I moved to Kirby-le-Soken, and joined Kirby-le-Soken escorts. In our old graveyard, you can find lots of graves which do not have anybody to care for them. I have adopted a couple, and often go there to lay flowers.

One of the graves, is that of a young soldier from the 1st World War. His name was Andrew, and when I am not to busy at Kirby-le-Soken escorts, I love to go to the church yard and tend to his grave. When he died, he was only 23 years old and I often think about him. What would his life have been like, and what happened to him.

Kirby-le-Soken escorts on Broken Hearts

Last year, when I had some time off from cheap Kirby-le-Soken escorts, I decided to find out a little bit more Andrew. It turns out that he came from the village and lived with his family on a farm before he went off to fight in the war. He was a registered horse keeper and on his grave, there is indeed a horse. I have shown the other girls at Kirby-le-Soken escorts his grave, and they think there is something really touching about it.

I have spent many hours during my break at Kirby-le-Soken wondering about Andrew. Just like him, I love horses and when I get an afternoon off from Kirby-le-Soken escorts, I often go down to the local stables and take out my favorite horse. We ride through the bridleways and lanes of the countryside. To be honest, when I do this, I often get a sense of Andrew. I could just imagine him doing this.

Am I in Love with a Ghost

Andrew died around Halloween, and that is why Halloween has become so romantic to me. Since I managed to find a couple of photos of Andrew, I feel like I know him even better. When I come home from my shift with cheap Kirby-le-Soken escorts, I do light a candle by his photo, and say a little prayer. My friends at Kirby-le-Soken escorts say that I am in love with a ghost, but I don’t think so,

Unlike the other girls at Kirby-le-Soken escorts, I think of what I am doing as a celebration of Andrew’s life. As far as I have been able to tell, Andrew does not have any living ancestors in the area, and I don’t want his spirit to be lonely. It does feel like we have some kind of connection, and I am sure if I persist in my search, I will one day be able to find out what is.

Something Spooky Happened

I would not say I am one of those Kirby-le-Soken escorts who is afraid of ghosts or even superstitious, but last year on Halloween something weird happen. We have this second hand book shop in the village, and on my day off from Kirby-le-Soken escorts, I was walking around the bookshop. It was kind of weird as I don’t normally go in there, but something made me.

As I was walking around with my friend from Kirby-le-Soken escorts,a  book fell from one of the shelves, and when I looked at it, I realised it was a cope of Black Beauty. In fact, it was so old it was a fist edition. It is one of my favorite books, so I picked up. When I opened the cover, I could have died from shock. The book had clearly belonged to Andrew, and in it, he had left a little dedication to a girl with blond hair. Her name was Amanda just like me. I did not hesitate to buy it, and like I said to my friend from cheap Kirby-le-Soken escorts, perhaps it was a present from my Andrew.