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Is Kennington near Ashford in Kent the most exciting suburb ever? That is what I found myself wondering when I visited Ashford recently. In many ways, Kennington seems more like a sleepy little village with the Great Stour river running through it. In many ways, it has become one of the cheap residential areas around Ashford in Kent, but at the same time, Kennington near Ashford in Kent has managed to retain its sense of personality. The feeling makes Kennington a rather unique place to visit, and I must admit that I do really love this tucked away place in Kent.

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I have lived in Kennington for the past two years, and moved here after I decided that I wanted to get out of London. To be honest, I just had enough of London, and so Kennington the ideal place to relocate my company and cut down on costs. At the time,  I just wanted to take my head of gear for a while, and that was exactly what I did when I got to Kennington near Ashford.

The female company was not up to much, and I thought that I could always check out cheap outcall escorts from Ashford. Little did I know that Kennington escorts was a well established local escort agency. I can’t exactly remember how I got to hear about Kennington escorts and the escort agency, but one night after a few drinks, I found myself checking out Kennington escorts online. The girls were just stunning, and I had an immediate hankering to see them.

When I lived in London, I had always dated brunettes at the local escort agency. It is funny, but many people still think of escorts as sex workers or girls engaging in prostitution. We gents who date girls like cheap Kennington escorts, know that this is not the case at all.

Anyway, the girls at Kennington escorts looked hot and sexy, and I knew from the start that I just had to give the agency a whirl. Looking around the Kennington escorts site, I came across as sexy stunner called Gem and I immediately gave Kennington escorts a call. Gem, who looked like my little sinful pleasure, was available and would be at my door within the hour.


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Gem was only my first experience of a girl from Kennington escorts. She was every a bit as hot and sexy as her photo. Her long brown hair fell seductively over her well shaped breasts, and her tiny little were dying to make an appearance through that tight t-shirt of hers. As she took of her coat, I could she that she was perfectly smooth all over, and her well rounded hips seemed to beckon me. With lips slightly parted, she started to talk to me, and after that I am afraid that I lost my heart to this hot girl from Kennington escorts.

Of course, having experienced Gem from Kennington escorts, I knew that the escort agency held more treasures for me. The following weekend, I was on the phone to Kennington escorts arranging another date. Gem was still my top girl at the escort agency, but I wanted to meet a few of her friends from Kennington escorts for a bit of variety. Tina was another delicious lady at the agency who seemed to be dying for some company. She has some of the pertest tits that I had ever seen, and the feeling that I wanted to get my hands on her was almost too much.

Tina and I from Kennington escorts met up later that evening, and we enjoyed each others company into the early hours of the morning. Fortunately for me, I was her last call of the day, and she wanted to give me a special treat. That she did, and I can now look forward to seeing both Gem and Tina from Kennington escorts again.

Life In Kennington

Kennington may be the most exciting place in the entire world, but the girls from Kennington escorts are certainly exciting. If you find yourself on your own in Kennington near Ashford in Kent tonight, you should check out Kennington escorts.

When you feel in the mood for some fine and sexy female company, the girls at Kennington escorts are the perfect girls for you. I love them, and there is no way that I would be able to manage my life here in Kennington with my perfect companions from cheap Kennington escorts.