Hamstreet escorts near Ashford in Kent

Don’t for one minute think that this village has anything to do with ham. The village takes it name from the English word hamlet that means settlement. Hamstreet is located about 10 kilometres south of Ashford in Kent. This is a very old village indeed and was first settled around 11th century. Today, it has 1,800 residents and is home to a couple of nice cheap pubs.

If you are looking for a low cost weekend retreat in this part of Kent, Hamstreet may the ideal place for you. It is picturesque and quaint despite its proximity to Ashford in Kent.

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Hamstreet Escorts

I often call our village the place of hidden delights. Not only does this place have a very interesting history, but it is one of those places where you can find some really interesting goings on as well. The first time I came here, I got a feeling of deja vu and wondered if I had been in this part of Kent before. I felt immediately at home in Hamstreet, and perhaps this is why I decided to go ahead and buy a new home here in the village.

Life in Hamstreet is not like life in another villages in Kent. Anyway, that is what I keep telling myself. I like the sense of mystery that Hamstreet invokes in people, and living here is a real pleasure for all of your senses.

Of course, Hamstreet would not be anything like the local escort agency. The girls who work as affordable outcall escorts here in Hamstreet have fantastic sex appeal, and perhaps this is what makes Hamstreet such a special place.

I must admit that as a porn movie director, I like to get away from it all every once in a while. But, I must hasten to add that I do. dislike being without female companionship. If you feel that way, it is something that the delights from Hamstreet escorts can remedy really quickly if you have a hankering for fine female company.

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You may find this hard to believe, but even in my profession it can be hard to meet girls who dare to be feminine. Why that is I don’t know, but I am beginning to think it is general trend.

Yvette at Hamstreet escorts

When I first started out as a porn movie director, all of the girls were a bit like Yvette from cheap Hamstreet escorts. She can only be described as sex on legs, I am sure that I am not  the only gent who appreciates her company.

The powerhouse of passion came into my life one rainy October night. I had just arrived in Hamstreet when I thought that I fancied a bit of a treat after a long drive from London. I called Hamstreet escorts, and Lucy was the only girl available at the time. To be honest, I have never looked back since meeting Yvette. She is one of those ladies who can set both your heart and loins on raging fire within minutes.

A Vision of Pleasure

Whenever I am together with Yvette from Hamstreet escorts, I like to drink in her beauty and sex appeal. Her long blonde golden locks bounces as she moves and her hair comes down almost to her bottom. I dream of myself bouncing against that perfectly shaped little bottom, and feeling her against me. But for now, Yvette from Hamstreet escorts is just my sexy companion.

When she bends over to serve me a drink, I can see a hint of what lies underneath that blouse of her. My hand could so easily reach out and touch, but that is not what you do. Instead I sigh heavily and breath in her scent blowing it out gently to be able to adore her musty aroma again.

Yvette from cheap Hamstreet escorts is a sexy delight in whatever way you choose to look at it. Who would have thought that you would be able to find a girl like her at a rural escort agency. I keep telling her that I could make her a star with a sinful body like that. However, she keeps resisting and tell me that Hamstreet escorts is where she belongs.