Hambledon Escorts

Are you looking for your dream English cottage? In that case, you should check out Hambledon in Surrey. This pretty little Surrey village is packed with cottages which can only be called chocolate box. These days, finding chocolate box villages is getting harder and harder, and if you have an opportunity to buy a cottage in Hambledon, it would represent an excellent for money investment. 

My Romantic Wedding Proposal 

I had been working for cheap Hambledon escorts in Surrey for five years when I met Alan. He was this rather tall dashing pilot. I had to admit that out of all my Hambledon escorts regulars, there was something special about Alan. Normally I can control my feelings and do not fall in love with my clients, but I could not help myself. I fell for Alan hook, line, and sinker as they say. When he did not contact Hambledon escorts, I ended up totally depressed and upset. All sorts of crazy thoughts popped through my mind. I thought that he was seeing someone else or dating other Hambledon escorts.

About six months went past, and I carried on seeing Alan. I knew that he lived locally, but I never used to bump into him anywhere else apart from at cheap Hambledon escorts. To my relief, he was still contacting Hambledon escorts on a regular basis. It sounds crazy, but if he had not been doing that, I think that I would have gone mad. 

Moving On From Hambledon Escorts

Just as I had started to date Alan at Hambledon escorts, I had also started a training course in beauty. Combining my training with working for cheap Hambledon escorts was a bit of a struggle, but I did manage to muddle through. When I had finished my course, I was offered a job in a local hotel. It was one of the hotels I used to visit as an escort, but they did not seem to recognise me dressed in my private gear.

As I had been escorting not only at Hambledon escorts, but also previously worked for another escort agency in London, I knew that it was time for me to move on. It did not worry me at all. In fact, I knew that the time was right. However, what worried me was not being able to see Alan again. I was not sure how he felt about me, but I knew that I was crazy about him.

Hooking Up Privately

It was around this time a new coffee shop opened in Hambledon. On my way to start my Hambledon escorts shift, I often used to sneak in to pick up a take-away coffee or even have breakfast when I was short of time. As luck would have it, Alan had discovered the same coffee shop. One morning I bumped into him, and we ended up having coffee together. He made the remark that I looked stressed, and I told him about my upcoming career move. 

He asked me if that meant he was not going to see him again. I took the biggest chance of my life, and scribbled down my contact details and waited for the reaction. With a big smile on his face, he soon added my details to the contact list on his iPhone. A day later he phoned me up and we went out on our first private date.

We quickly became a couple, and I left cheap Hambledon escorts safe in the knowledge that I was still in touch with Alan. I started my job with the beauty spa at the hotel in Hambledon, and moved in with Alan three months later. My life seemed to have sorted itself out. I was in love with a  wonderful man and he appeared to be in love with me as well, 

Alan often asked me to come with him as a passenger on weekends. A year later, as he was flying back from New York, he proposed to me over the plane’s system. I could not believe it. It was the most romantic proposal ever and I have to admit that the nice big rock on my finger means very little when compared to his romantic marriage proposal.