Goodnestone Escorts

Goodnestone in the Dover area of Kent is well known for its beautiful gardens and well-manicured lawns. This part of Kent has long been associated with gardening and especially rose growing. If you are new to the Dover area, you will find this colourful village east of Canterbury. There is some new developments in the village, but most homes are still traditional and cottage style. It is a popular place for many locals and former Londoners who have moved out of London to enjoy much more of a rural lifestyle. 

I am a Festival Sort of Girl

Do you like going to festivals? When I am not too busy at cheap Goodnestone escorts, I love nothing better than taking a few days off to go to festivals. We have our own festival here in Goodnestone which a lot of the other girls at the escort agency in Goodnestone like to go to. It is a great festival but it is not enough for me. I crave going to other festivals as well.

The only problem is getting the time off from cheap Goodnestone escorts. A lot of the girls that I work with at the escort agency in Goodnestone love their sexy Caribbean holidays. That is great, but I have to be honest, I really can live without Caribbean holidays. Instead, I spend all of my time off from Goodnestone escorts going to festivals.

What You Need to Know About Festival Life

Festivals are great, but if you are a novice, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. The biggest problems with UK festivals are the number of drugs that are smuggled in. Since I have been going to festivals in my time off from cheap Goodnestone escorts, I have noticed an increasing drug problem. It must cost the local NHS trusts a lot of money to sort out all of the drug health problems. When I am at a festival I can see people being ferried to hospital all of the time. Yes, there are some who drink too much, but mainly there is a drug problem.

Recently, I have become a little bit worried about some festival venues. This year when I went to the Reading festival, I did notice that there was a lot of crime. From what I understand, some nasty people have started to smuggle in knives and other weapons to the festival. Violence leads to violence and this is very evident at many of the festivals that I go to now. You really have to be careful.

Goodnestone Escorts and Festivals

When I go to festivals, I try to be as careful as I possibly can. I keep mainly to my own company or I stick together with the rest of the girls from cheap Goodnestone escorts, it seems to work best that way. I know that it is nice to have a drink, but I would not encourage anyone to drink too much. That is when I think that it all starts going wrong. It is really easy to lose your self-control when you have had a drink or two.

Apart from that, I think that we should all appreciate music festivals. They are not cheap but the people who organise them do work very hard to put them together. Sometimes the weather lets festivals down and you end up in a muddy field. It is not something that I really enjoy, but I guess that you have to learn to take the rough with the smooth.

In the next year, I hope to have some more time off from Goodnestone escorts. I have been to so many of the UK festivals that I would like to travel abroad. Europe has a really exciting festival season, but many Brits don’t go. I have been a couple of times. The festivals I have been to outside of the UK have been well organised, and fewer problems with drugs and violence.

I wish that the same thing would be possible here in the UK. If that happened, I am sure that more of the girls from cheap Goodnestone escorts would start to enjoy going to UK festivals with me.