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Surrey in England is now one of the most popular counties in the United Kingdom to move to. Smaller towns and villages such as Ellen’s Green near Guilford in Surrey are within easy reach of many popular places to work, Both London airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, can be easily reached from Ellen’s Green. This is one of the reasons many overcrowded Londoners have settled in the local area.  They love the charm which a small village like Ellen’s Green can bring them, and enjoy living in a village where you can just walk to the pub. Small villages such as Ellen’s Green has benefited from the advantages of an increasing population and the positive results can easily be seen in the modern-day village. 

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The Reason I Only Date Men with Money

Should escorts be a lot more careful when choosing cheap dates? Most girls out our escort agency, Elite Ellen’s Green escorts in Surrey, are very fussy when it comes to choosing who they go out with on dates. The vast majority of my colleagues at the escort agency in Ellen’s Green will only date men with money. They think that gents who have more money will show them a better time, and give them great tips.

Ellen’s Green escorts is not the only escort agency that I worked for in the UK. Before I moved out to Surrey, I spent eight years working for an elite escort agency in the capital. During my time with the elite agency, I learned that not everything that glitters is gold. In other words, dating a rich guy does not guarantee a good time. Personally, I have been on some dates with rich men who have been disastrous.

Hot Girls at cheap Ellen’s Green Escorts

I think that Ellen’s Green escorts agency has got some of the hottest and sexiest girls in Surrey. However, that does not mean that all of the girls have the right kind of attitude towards dating. I think that many of them forget to look after the average Joe who likes to enjoy the company of cheap escorts. During my time in the business, I have learned that many average gents are just as much fun to spend time with men who are really rich. Many of them are even more fun and are nicer as well.

The truth is that many men who do not have so much money really do appreciate the company of hot and sexy escorts just as much as rich men. The girls I work with at Ellen’s Green escorts seem to have lost sight of that. Perhaps their experience of escorting is different from mine. They may not be aware of how important it is to look after the average guy as well rich men who like to date escorts.

Looking After Gentlemen in Ellen’s Green Surrey

When you want to make the most out of your career, it is important to look after all of the gents who like to arrange dates with you. That was one of the first things I learned when I first became involved in escorting. Sure, it can be easy to think that it is all about the big bucks, but that is absolutely not true. I look after all of the gents I meet at cheap Ellen’s Green escorts. Maybe this is one of the reasons I am such a popular girl at the escort agency in Surrey.

Should you only look after your rich dates? No, I don’t think that you should. The girls at Ellen’s Green escorts keep talking about tips. They clearly think that they are not going to receive good tips from other men than the rich ones. I receive good tips from both very rich men and men who are less well off. There is no way that I am going to focus on only rich men. I love all of the men I meet, and I always do my best to look after them. Maybe the other girls at Ellen’s Green escorts should consider doing the same thing if they would like to stay working for a top class escort agency in Surrey for any length of time.