East Molesley Escorts – i thought i loved her but i really dont

East Molesley is the perfect location in Surrey you should move to if you would like to move out of central London. It is a large district which consists of two villages which have been merged together. Unlike many other Surrey towns, the district of East Molesley has excellent shopping and dining out facilities. Many ex-Londoners will also appreciate this part of Surrey as East Molesley is located on the River Thames

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When You Are In Love with a Fantasy

When I met Shirley at cheap East Molesley escorts in Surrey, I thought that she was the answer to my dreams. She came across as such a nice girl and I almost instantly fell in love with her. Unlike other men who date East Molesley escorts, I had no previous experience of dating escorts. Like a silly man, I thought that all escorts were genuine when they told you how much they adored you. 

If course, most escorts you are likely to meet in East Molesley or anywhere else for that matter, are really good at making you feel on top of the world. That was certainly true when it came to Shirley at cheap East Molesley escorts. I had not realised that it was all part of the Genuine Girlfriend experience, and when I finally realised she was a fantasy, my heart was already broken.

Love the Girls at cheap East Molesley Escorts

I met Shirley after having checked out the cheap East Molesley escorts website. I was new to the area and wanted to enjoy some female company. Sure, I had girlfriends before, but since I had moved to East Molesley, I found it hard to make friends. It seemed to be a very closed community for some reason. Finding a girl to go out with on a night Friday night was a complete nightmare.

After having tried speed dating in a local pub, I decided to drown my sorrows. That night I went home and drunk half a bottle of Southern Comfort before I could figure out what to do. I was sitting in my favorite armchair putting in various search terms. In fact, I was ready to give up on girls and do something different when I in a moment of madness put in girls near me in Surrey. Within seconds the East Molesley escorts website popped up.

I had a little giggle and just for fun put in local escort agency near me. Once again, the same website popped up.

Girls, Girls and Even More cheap Girls

At first, I hardly dared click on the site. I had never dreamed of dating escorts in Surrey or anywhere else for that matter. But I felt drawn to the site, and clicked on it. After I had checked out a couple of pages, I came across Shirley’s profiles. To me, she was certainly the hottest girl at the escort agency in East Molesley, and before I knew it, I was calling the East Molesley escorts services.

The next evening I hooked up with Shirley for the first time. It felt like I fell in love instantly. Now I know that Shirley is one of the most experienced escorts at the cheap East Molesley escort agency. She is great at the GF experience, and she does in such a way that it is easy to assume she is genuinely in love with you. Of course, she is not. It is all a game to her, and I guess like all of the other girls from East Molesley escorts, she does well from playing her little game. 

We dated for about three months. All of the time she stepped up the game and drove me crazy with desire for her. I could not wait until she left East Molesley escorts to become my real girlfriend. I spent a small fortune on gifts and buying clothes for this girl. We simply could not go anywhere without me buying something for her. When I came back from business trips, I always brought back something nice for her. Yes, I managed to spoil, but all I managed to do for myself was to break my own heart.  I am going to give love a break but I may be back for more in the future.