Delightful Dover in Kent

Did you know that Dover is one of the few English names to have a corresponding name in French? That will give you some indication how important this place is in the annuals of history. That being said, today Dover is still a major ferry port. Lots of goods destined for the continent leave from here, and has always done. This is perhaps why Dover has always been firmly on the map of most. Of course, we should not forget about the white cliffs on Dover neither.

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Sweet and Innocent Katy at Dover Escorts

They call my sweet and innocent Katy at cheap Dover escorts. Am I so sweet and innocent? To be honest, I think that you may have to find that out for yourself. I have to tell you that I have not always been working for Dover escorts. Before to work for the local agency, and as part of a team of outcall escorts, I used to do a bit of glamour modelling. Let’s put it this way, I don’t exactly have that kind of figure who makes you think sweet and innocent thoughts. My pet name, or nick name, is something the girls at Dover escorts services gave me when I posed in a baby’s hat in one of my first publicity shots for Dover escorts.

Things have changed since then, and I have kind of dropped the sweet and innocent image. I am not really sweet and innocent at all, and the gents who date me here at cheap Dover escorts say that I can be naughty but gorgeous fun to be with at night. That sounds a bit more like me, and perhaps the way that I like to think about myself.

Still, I am the youngest girl who dates at Dover escorts. I have only been working with this bunch of outcall escorts for just over a year. You may say that it was my destiny to end up here at Dover escorts. I was on my way back from a job in France when I started to chat to this guy on the ferry. He said he ran his own business in Dover called Dover escorts. It was an escort agency, and his girls dated on at outcall basis.

I must admit that I had contemplated escorting before. For some reason, I kind of like looking after gents. My boss says that I have a kind of a knack for it, so I just make the most of my natural.

Natural Talent at Dover Escorts

My blonde hair and 34E chest make me the ideal girl to have some fun this. I am really proud of my body and I like to look after it much to the delight of visiting gents. When I used to do glamour modelling but it was too little pay, I got into collecting fine lingerie. Let’s put it this way, one of the reasons that I like working for Dover escorts so much, is that I can put my collection of sexy lingerie to good use.

I have to be honest and say that I am not the tallest of girls. My petite frame makes me the ideal petite escort. That suits me fine as I love to play and have fun in many different ways. You can say that I have a bit of an adventurous spirits. Many of the gents that I meet here at Dover escorts seem to appreciate my adventurous spirit as much as I appreciate that I can totally indulge them when I visit them.

Talking to and indulging my fine gents here at Dover escorts is one of the little pleasures of life. It never gets boring working for Dover escorts, and I am sure that I will never get bored with visiting my interesting gents.

Misunderstanding the Girls in Dover in Kent

I see myself as a delight. Many of the local ladies think that outcall escorts are linked to sex workers or prostitution. That is not true at all. I think that most of them misunderstand the profession. I simply like to have a really good time dating, and I am just here to delight my gentlemen for low rates. How I do that is my little secret. Gents can be delighted in so many different ways, and it is always my aim, to find the perfect way to delight the gent that I am with at Dover escorts.

I may be young – sweet and innocent – but I certainly know how to bring and share pleasure.