Avoid the mistakes i first made when joining Dockenfield escorts

How to Avoid Making Mistakes When Joining the Escort Service

Surrey is still one of the wealthiest counties in the UK per capita. It is packed with pretty rural villages, larger towns but has lost none of its characters. Dockenfield is a settlement located in the borough of Waverley. You can’t really say that Dockenfield is a village. Take a little bit closer look at the area, and you will find it is one of the prettiest settlements located on the River Wey.

It is easy to assume that working for an escort agency is a job that you don’t need any special experience when it comes to working for a cheap escort agency. When I first got involved with escorting, it is exactly what I thought as well. However, I soon learned that is far from the truth. To do well at any escort agency, you do need a lot of experience. If you don’t have that, you need to figure out a way that you can get that before you move on to a better cheaper escort agency.

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Today, I am trying to help new girls who are just getting into cheap escorting. Many of the girls who join cheap Dockenfield escorts here in Surrey think it is going to be a doodle to escort. It was not until I had worked for an escort agency for a couple of months when I realised escorting could be very challenging. Knowing what I know now, I have rather a few tips for new girls. Do all girls appreciate that sharing tips are important? Sadly most girls don’t do so. 

Joining the Right Escort Agency

It goes without saying that many girls like to become elite escorts like the girls at cheap Dockenfield escorts. Not all girls make it. Perhaps one in twenty girls will make it as an elite escort. There is no way that you can join an elite escort service right away. You really need to have plenty of experience and other natural skills. Quite frankly, there are many girls who simply do not have the right skillset to become elite escorts. 

A lot of hopeful girls contact Dockenfield escorts on a daily basis thinking that they will be able to step into the stilettos of their elite escort colleagues. You really need to know more about the basics of escorting before you are ready to do. I always say to the girls that they need to start at the bottom. That means starting their careers with a cheap escort service in Surrey or elsewhere.

Teaching Dockenfield Escorts to Make the Most out of Themselves

I also try to teach the girls at Dockenfield escorts to make the most out of themselves. It is not all about slapping on some red lipstick and going out on a date. Many gentlemen expect so much more than that and you need to be aware of what they may need.

It is also important to look good. After I had been with my first cheap escort agency for about six weeks, I invested in an entirely new look. Far too many girls dreaming of being elite escorts are simply not prepared to do so, and that is where they go wrong.

Looking after yourself is essential. One of the first things that I did was to go to the hairdresser and get a decent haircut. Following my super expensive haircut, I went out and bought myself a new wardrobe with the help of a personal shopper.

Sure, all of this did cost me a mint as they say, but it did pay off. Shortly after I started to work for an elite escort agency and I stayed for a long time. As a matter of fact, I did so well for myself that I was able to retire and start to work for Dockenfield escorts in Surrey. When I look back on my career, I do wish that other girls would have told me what I needed to know. This is why I am so keen on helping other girls who are thinking about getting into escorting with cheap Dockenfield escorts or any other escort agency in Surrey