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I love being a Datchet girl. To be honest, London was beginning to bore me and I wanted to change my lifestyle. My cricket mad boyfriend introduced me Datchet near Slough in Berkshire. It is one of those tucked away places in Berkshire, and to a former Londoner like me, it is completely divine. The moment I saw it I fell in love with it and I knew that I wanted to spend time here. Yes, I sold it all up in London and moved to Datchet near Slough. It is the perfect place for a girl like me.

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Datchet Escorts

Of course, I needed something to do. I noticed that the local gents were scratching around a bit and many of them were in need of some cheap sexy companionship. In the end, I decided to start Datchet escorts. It was one of the best decisions that I had ever made, and I am now enjoying the company of the local gents.

Having lived in the Datchet Berkshire all of my life, I had kind of become used to travel up to London to work and to enjoy myself. All of that changed when one day a sexy young lady from London decided to start cheap Datchet escorts. Of course, I knew that there were a lot of lonely local gents but I did not appreciate that Datchet escorts would change my life.

Since my divorce I had been living on my own in Datchet. Yes, my life was indeed a little bit lonely and I have to admit there were times when I longed for a companion. But until I saw Datchet escorts, I had never thought about dating the hot babes in the local area. I had met some other ladies, but there was something special about the fine ladies from Datchet escorts. In many ways I thought that they added that kind of glamour to the place which Datchet was in fact lacking. To my surprise, I found myself drawn to dating Datchet escorts.

At first I felt really awkward about choosing a girl for an evening of companionship especially as the prices were so low. First of all, the girls were all very sexy. However, Diamond the skilful owner of the agency helped me to navigate the maze of stunning young ladies. Soon I found myself enjoying the company of Roxy from Datchet escorts. She was not only a very sexy lady but a kind girl who would talk and listen to you for what seemed like hours.

Roxy at Datchet Escorts

The first time I met Roxy, I could not believe my eyes. She stood there outside my front door with her long shapely legs and curvy figure. Her blonde hair was draped over one shoulder and she looked like that sort of lady you would be worried about touching.

As I took her coat off, she brushed against me gently and I felt her nipples touch the top of my arm. It sent a shiver through my body and I knew that I was going to enjoy her company.

To be honest, I had not seen such a pretty girl, and I was delighted that I had been able to pluck up the guts to call cheap Datchet escorts. The divine Sara soft white skin and overall smoothness just blew me away, and that night I could barely contain my excitement. Had I been wasting my time all of this year and was this perfect moment with this lovely young lady. Little did I know that I was going to be able to see more of Sara from Datchet escorts.

Enjoying Datchet

In many ways, I thought that it was a dream, but then I pinched myself and Sara was still there. Why are you pinching yourself for she asked? I replied that I could not believe my good fortune. After that first date with Roxy, I have spent more time with her. She is indeed a very special girl.

I know that she is not the only delightful offering at Datchet escorts, but I do enjoy the pleasure of her. There  is something special going on between us, or it could just be my over excited loins talking. I enjoy every moment that I spend with this stunning girl from Datchet escorts.