Crundale escorts In Kent

Crundale in Kent is a small village located between Ashford and Kent. I came across when I was on walking holiday with a friend. We stopped for a break in the village on our own little pilgrimage from Ashford to Canterbury. I loved the place from the start, but my friend was less keen.

When summer came around, I found myself a cottage in the local area. Being owed some extra time off from work, I rented it for six weeks and became a temporary resident of Crundale in Kent.

Crundale Escorts

More than anything, I wanted to get away from everything and enjoy some time out from my regular. I was planning to spend the summer reading good boosts and stimulating my soul instead of pleasuring my body. Instead, things turned out rather differently.

Searching for new hiking and rambling trails in the North Downs one day, I came across an interesting link on the Internet. It said cheap Crundale Escorts. I must admit that I kind of giggled to myself. Being a London boy, I thought that this could not be anything special. Anyway, I clicked on the link and immediately gasped. These girls from the local escort agency were all stunning, and I thought that I would have to get myself some of this.

Taking a closer look at the site, I noticed that cheap Crundale escorts worked as outcall escorts. That suited me perfectly as I did not know the area really well. I called the escort agency for a chat, and found that the girls worked into the evening.

With a smile of delight on my face, I slowly started to go through the local Crundale escort website. To be honest, there were so many girls with enormous sex appeal at Crundale escorts that I did not which one to date first. Anyway, I almost had six weeks left of my holiday at that stage. In the end, I settled for a brunette called Serenity. She had one of the sexiest rear ends that I had ever seen, and reminded me a bit of an old girlfriend who never used to wear any knickers.

Anxiously, I called cheap Crundale escorts back, and asked to met up with Serenity. My luck was in and I the girl on the Crundale escorts reception, said that Serenity would visit me around 8 pm. I did not know if I could contain my excitement to 8 pm.

Meeting Serenity from Crundale Escorts

Just before 8 pm, Serenity from Crundale escorts turned up. She was even more stunning than her images and I found myself wondering where her long legs ended. It was a bit of a mystery to me, and I knew that I was in for a treat.

I almost told Serenity from Crundale escorts about my former girlfriend who reminded me of her. The resemblance was rather remarkable, and a flood of memories from our sex life came back to me in a great rush. I must have smiled as Serenity asked me what was going on.

I just remembered this thing about a girl I used to date. Really, she said, and asked me if it was a sexy memory. I nodded yes, and before I knew it, I was telling this hot babe from Crundale escorts about my less than perfect sex life past.  She did not seem worried or troubled about it at all. Instead she sat there right in front of me with her legs slightly parted. I tried really hard not to stare but I could not help. My eyes drifted up her long legs, passed her short skirt and up to a smooth place. This girl from Crundale escorts was everything and more that I could hope for in my wildest memories and more affordable than i expected.

You Light Up My Life

That summer, I did get a chance to read a few of walks and do some of the trails that I had planned. More than anything, I got plenty of time to enjoy myself in the company of Serenity from Crundale escorts.

When the end of August came, I could feel that the wind was changing direction. it was time for me to pack up, and head back to London.

It had been a great summer thanks to my living friends at Crundale escorts. I had managed to add to my stack of sexy and sensual memories that I cherished so much. There was something else I also cherished. That was the company of sexy Serenity from Crundale escorts. Don’t worry darling, I will be back for more next summer.