Compton escorts – how to read your clients to mirror their personality

Compton is a village located between Godalming and Guilford in the English county of Surrey. In the US, it would probably be called a “one horse town”. Compton has one pub which serves about 1,140 residents. The entire village has rather a medieval feel to it and is rumoured to be one of the oldest villages in Surrey.

How to Read Your Client

It does not matter if you are a cheap salesperson or work for Compton escorts, reading your client’s personality and feelings is of utmost importance. Any sale – be it an adult service or just selling a new tie to a gentleman – is an emotional sale. To make it as a successful escort with Compton escorts or any other escort service in Surrey, it is crucial that you give your gentleman the kind of attention that he deserves.

So, how do you read your gent? I like to communicate with my eyes. That means when I meet a new date at cheap Compton escorts, I spend a lot of time looking into his eyes. I will smile at him when he smiles, and when he talks, I always tilt my head to one side to indicate listening. It is easy to assume that men want you to talk to them all of the time, but this is not true. They like to be listened to a much as we girls do.

Putting On the Right Outfit with Compton Escorts

Another thing that I pay close attention to at Compton escorts is what kind of clothing my date wears. If he wears rather casual clothes, I make sure that I match his outfit on future occasions. Instead of putting on the most expensive thing in my wardrobe, I put on something which is not obviously branded. I also don’t carry a designer handbag or anything like when I date him. However, when I hook up with a gentleman who has a nice designer suit, I make sure that I put on something which matches his dress code. 

Dressing matters a lot when it comes to creating empathy. After all, you don’t want to walk down the road with a girl who looks totally different from you. If she looks casual and you are wearing a designer suit, one of you is going to look out of place. 

What About Eating Out With Compton Escorts

Another way you can express your empathy with your date is to order something similar to him when you are on a cheap Compton escorts dinner date. The other night I went out with a gentleman who loves to eat fish when he is out. Normally I would go for something like a small steak to keep my energy levels up. But, to create the right kind of feeling in between us, I ordered sole that evening. 

We started to talk about what we enjoy eating. It goes without saying that I expressed an interest in eating fish and seafood. The result was that we had something to talk about right away, and the date went great. He has asked me out for another date, and I guess that we are going to end up in some restaurant specialising in seafood and fish.

Should You Ever Critise?

I don’t believe in offering the people I go out with at Compton escorts. There are times when I spot a gentleman wearing an old tie, and I may make some sort of comment. Men often like to have their ties played with on a date, and I guess it turns them on. If a gent wears on an old tie, I often say something like “ you can do with a new one of those” or something like that. The result is normally that you end up taking the said gent shopping. 

There are all sorts of ways to get to a man’s heart, but the best way is to reflect him. When you are new to escorting you may find it difficult at first. After I had been working for Compton escorts for a while, I finally got the hang of it, and I am sure that you will once you have been working for a quality escort service for a little while.