Cobham escorts

Cobham in Surrey is one of the last remaining pretty and rural villages which is becoming more heavily populated by the day. It has become a popular village to live in if you would like, and need to commute to London, on a regular basis. The village has a population of almost 9,000 residents and is well known for the many private schools in the area.

Should I work in London or Cobham?

After having worked for a top escort service in London for many years, I felt that I should move on. To be honest, I was getting rather stressed about living in London and did not feel that it was for me anymore. I had done well for the cheap escort service that I had worked for and had bought my own place. My plan was to buy another place in London so that I could rent out it, but after a visit to Cobham with a date, I realised that I could get more for my money in Cobham.

That is how I ended up moving out to Cobham and joining cheap Cobham escorts services. On my first visit to Cobham, I did not know that there was an escort agency in  Cobham. It did not really strike me as a sleepy Surrey backwater but at the same time, I had not expected to find an escort agency.

Working For Cobham Escorts

I took a couple of weekends off from the escort agency I worked for at the time and traveled down to Cobham in Surrey. I liked the feel of the place, and the prices of property were better than in London. My initial plan was to rent out my place in London and buy somewhere in Cobham. The idea was that I could live off the income from my flat in London.

It was during one of my visits to Cobham, I cam across cheap Cobham escorts services. A quick look at the Cobham escorts website told me that most of the girls at the escort agency in Cobham worked as outcall escorts. That would work for me. I could date in the local villages and disappear into the crowds of Cobham afterward. 

My New Life at Cobham Escorts

Despite being convinced that it would work, I did not jump at the chance of joining Cobham escorts. I still carried on working in London, but I did manage to buy a place in Cobham. Instead of rushing down to Cobham, I started to spend my weekends in the area. However, after getting to know the area, I soon realised my plan would work. It did not take me long to rent out my London flat and leave the escort agency.

Dating escorts in Cobham and working for Cobham escorts is different. At first, I was a bit taken back because it was more like going on private dates with a boyfriend. The funny thing with Cobham escorts is that many of the men I have ended up dating work in London. They are almost like the stereotypical kind of men I used to date when I worked up in town. However, when they come home to Cobham, they seem to chill out a little bit. Instead of going for one hour date, they often arrange ac heap date over a couple of hours.

I think that working for Cobham escorts is more about cheap sexy companionship rather than traditional escorting. I was not sure that I was going to like it when I first started my new career. But I now realise it is perfect for me. I feel more like a sexy mistress than an escort and I am glad that I have made the move to Cobham. Surrey, there are days and nights when I miss the fast-paced life in London, but at the end of the day, I know that I can always travel to London when I like. No, I have no plans to move back to London and I think that I will be happy with Cobham escorts for the rest of my career. Maybe I will even be lucky enough to meet a nice guy in Surrey and stay in the local area to enjoy more of rural life.