Childs Hill in London

Childs Hill is a leafy green part of North West London. It is one of the most densely populated areas of the London Borough of Barnet. I have been living here for most of my life and seen the place change. With its excellent transport links to central London, it has become a popular place for families to live and commuters into London. I myself work in London, but the rest of my time, I try to spend in Childs Hill. It would be awful if this area of London, just became another commuter district to London.

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Childs Hill Escorts

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Living in Childs Hill

I think that if you have lived here for a long time, you will soon appreciate that there are plenty of things to do around here. During the weekends, I seldom leave Childs Hill. I like going for walks or just chilling out in my own home. Going out for dinner and drinks with old friends is fun as well. The restaurants around here are more reasonably priced than in central London and that is a bit of a bonus. I am not that sort of guy who likes to cook in a lot. And then, there are always Childs Hill escorts to keep you company.