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I could not think of a more beautiful affordable place to live in London. Ever since I was a little boy we have been coming out to Chessington in Richmond Upon Thames. I sort of fell in love with the area and it became my playground in many ways. The entire family used to go and I cannot remember having a boring day on my holidays in Chessington at all. As soon as I got the opportunity, I decided that I wanted to move out to Chessington, and that I did when I was in my late 40’s.

Chessington Escorts and Me

Sadly, it was only after my divorce I got a chance to move out to Chessington. My wife loved Chelsea so we lived in Chelsea most our married life. When she met another guy, it was apparent that the marriage could not be patched back together and I moved out of our family home. It was put up for sale, and with the help of some extra savings, I was able to buy a low cost home in Chessington.

I did think that I was going to have a hard time making friends, but most of the people in the neighbourhood were very friendly, and I did start to enjoy my life in Chessington. The only thing that I was missing, was a bit of love and romance. it did not bother me at first, but after a little while, it did start to bother me a lot.

To be honest, I did not set out to find an escort agency. One evening when I was checking out the local news online, I came across an online advert for cheap Chessington escorts. It made the point that Chessington escorts were outcall escorts, and not incall girls. Having always associated escorts with sexual services, I was a bit taken back. At first, it felt like a sinful pleasure to open the page, but when I did, I came across cheap Chessington escorts.

All of the girls at escort agencies looked like sexy goddesses and I did not have a clue of to navigate my way through all of this female beauty. I was really taken back, but I eventually managed to find a girl at Chessington escorts that really stood out for me. Her name was Natalia and she had the most amazing blonde hair that fell over her shoulders. She looked more than sexy. As a matter of fact, Angela from Chessington escorts looked totally divine.

Meeting Natalia from Charlotte London Chessington Escorts

I was so naive that I had not even called an escort agency before. First of all, I asked what outcall escorts meant and was told the terms of Chessington escorts. After that I did decide to go ahead with a date. Later on that evening, Natalia from Chessington escorts knocked at my door. I had been waiting rather anxiously and I think that I had changed my shirt about five times.

To be fair, I needed not to have been so anxious. Natalia was one of the nicest girls that I had ever met. We talked and got to know each other a little bit. Half an hour later, I found myself still sitting at my coffee table staring into Natalia’s blue eyes. She was doing all of the talking and I was just listening. I knew then that I had fallen head over heels in love with Angela and that I just had to see her again, thankfully the hourly rate was nice and cheap.

Natalia did not actually leave until much later. As she walked down the path to her car, I admired her perfect body and thought how lucky I was to have been able to meet her. Two days later, I found myself on the phone arranging another date with the stunning Natalia. This time we met over drinks and dinner, and afterwards we went back to my place for some personal time.

Living in Chessington

Life is on the up and up in Chessington, and I am still spending a lot of time with Natalia at Chessington escorts. If you are looking for a good time in Chessington, I would not hesitate to call Chessington escorts. But, you may not be able to date Natalia. It is now six months later and Natalia is about to fulfil her dream to become a bikini model. With a figure like hers and those 34D’s, she does not deserve anything else. Fortunately for me she needs somebody to carry her suitcases and that is going to be me. Yes, that sparkler on her finger was a present from her very loving boyfriend.

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