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Chertsey in Surrey is one of the larger towns just outside of London. Many of the local residents of Chertsey work in the airline industry. Heathrow airport is only a stone’s throw away, and thanks to the excellent road network in the area, it is easy for local residents to commute both to Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Things I Like to Have at My Fingertips

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Within easy reach of my bed at cheap Chertsey escorts, there are few simple toys that I like to have hanging around. For instance, you never know when you are going to meet a naughty boy. Some boys that I have met during my time with Chertsey escorts have been so naughty that they have needed restraining if you know what I mean. It all depends on how naughty you are when you come to visit me, but I can either resort to fluffy cuffs or something more substantial for boys who like to be really naughty.

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Toys and Even More Toys

No, I don’t keep all of my best toys at cheap Chertsey escorts. I have some very special toys at home that I like to keep to myself. That does not mean that I like to play with myself all of the time. I love to invite a partner to come and play with me. Does it matter if a partner is male or female? It certainly does not matter to me. You may think that it matters, but to be fair, it does not matter to me. I know that girls can have fun together.

There are times when I like to have fun with my girlfriends from Chertsey escorts. The girls come around when we have a day off from the agency, and we indulge in all sort of games. If you would like to know what sort of games that we play together, I would love to tell you about them. I am not shy at all, but in order to explain things properly, I think that you would be so much better of setting up a date with me.

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