Caterham escorts

Caterham is a large town located in Surrey. It used to seem much more like a Surrey village, but as more and more people have moved out of London, it has become a popular residential area. However, despite its increase in population. Caterham has been able to retain its own character. It is a pretty town with an active local high street.

Why I Rather Work for Caterham Escorts

A few years ago, I would not have dreamed about moving out to Surrey and finding a job with cheap Caterham escorts. At the time I was totally wrapped up in my career as a stripper in London and did not want to give it up at all. As a matter of fact, I was doing rather well, and at the same time, I did get a kick out of kicking for a living. But, the local council decided that it was time to start to change the image of Soho in London. The council leaders made it hard for strip clubs to stay open. Unfortunately, the club I worked for did not have its license renewed and I was forced to hang up my dancing shoes.

Around the same time, it became very expensive to live in London. I loved my London lifestyle, but without a job, I could not afford the rent on my flat. A girlfriend of mine who had previously worked for an escort service in the capital had sold her flat after she realised she could get better value for money in Surrey. She joined cheap Caterham escorts, and as far as I knew, she seemed to enjoy her new lifestyle.

Changing My Life

I really did not know what to expect, but I decided to pack my bags and leave London. At first, I was not sure that joining Caterham escorts was the right move for me. However, when I met the owner of the escort agency in Caterham, I realised that working for cheap Caterham escorts could be a good viable option for me. About a week later after having shared my friend’s flat with her, I found my own place and moved out to Caterham.

It was a bit of surprise at first, but I found that I rather liked the area. One thing was for sure, living in Caterham was much quieter than living in London. I was not sure that I was going to like it at all at first, but within a couple of days, I had got used to it. It really was a major change. I had never lived in what I called the country before nor had I worked for an escort agency. But, I was happy with my choice and it did not take me long to enjoy my new lifestyle.

Dating with Caterham Escorts

As I had never been an escort before, I did not know what to expect from dating with cheap Caterham escorts. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the local men were real gentlemen and I soon started to enjoy dating. It turned out that the most popular dating experience with Caterham escorts was the GF experience. There were plenty of single gentlemen in the local area, and the escort agency in Caterham had built its business model on the GF experience.

Business dating was also very popular. It was something that I had heard escorts in the capital talk about a lot, but I had not expected to come across business dating in Surrey. But I soon found that I had a natural flair for business dating and I started to really enjoy it. Before I knew it, business dating became my main source of income with Caterham escorts. Now when I look back on my life, I realise that moving out to Caterham and joining the escort agency, was one of the smartest moves that I have ever made. I am rather proud to be a Surrey country girl.

Would I consider leaving Caterham escorts and moving back to London? No, I don’t think so and I think that most former London girls who work for the escort agency in Caterham feel the same way. There may be exceptions, but so far I have not heard one single girl complain about working for Caterham escorts.