Brockham escorts – are dating sites the reason for the increase in STI’s

If you are looking for a typical English village, you will find your haven in Brockham in Surrey. Despite the village having a rather large population of 2,868 persons, it is a peaceful place to live and relatively cheap. Ideally situated close to major transport links and roads, Brockham has become home to many who work in London. It is very much part of the Surrey stockbroker belt, but also home to a few celebs. You be surprised who you could bump into on the cricket ground.

Dating Sites and STI’s

We seemed to be overwhelmed by cheap dating sites, but that is not the only thing we are overwhelmed by. On top of that, we seem to be suffering from a sharp increase in STI’s and I do wonder if the two are linked. The other day I had lunch with one of my friends from Brockham escorts, and we ended up talking about STI’s. Why are they more common  now, and what can we do to tackle them?

Cheap Brockham Escorts on Safe Sex

If you were to speak to any of the girls at cheap Brockham escorts, I am sure that they would tell you that they are very concerned about STI’s. The girls here at the escort agency in Brockham always practice safe sex when they meet a new man in their life, and I think that we should all be doing that. However, I am not so sure that all of us take the practice of safe sex seriously. It is all too easy to forget about that vital condom, and tell yourself that everything is going to be alright. Don’t let passion overcome, and remember that a condom means better sexual health.

Are Dating Sites Safe?

None of the girls here at cheap Brockham escorts use dating sites so I can’t really common if they are safe or not. But, let me put it this way. Would you jump into bed with a man who answered a newspaper advert? Of course, you would not. First of all you would not know anything about it all, and number two, you would not know anything about his sexual history. The girls here at the agency feel the same way – there is no way they would dream of going to bed without protection when they meet a new man for the first time.

Brockham escorts and Staying Safe on Dates

I think that most young people are pretty aware of what it takes to stay safe sexually, but seniors may be less aware. Sure, you may 55 years old and not able to get pregnant anymore, but that does not mean that you should not practice safe sex. Like one of the girls here at Brockham escorts said, so many STI’s are now resistant to the most common antibiotics so you are not doing yourself any favors by not using protection. When you meet a new partner who would like to have sex with you, protection should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Other Dating Tips from the Girls at the Escort Agency in Brockham

Let’s face it, dating is not only about safe sex. I do a lot of outcalls on behalf of Brockham escorts, and I know only too well how important it is to stay safe in other ways as well. If you are going out on a date with a new man, the best thing you can do is to meet him at the restaurant or bar. It may sound a little bit crazy, but once you are in someone’s car, you never know what can go wrong. I always make sure that I meet someone in a restaurant or bar for the first time, and the other girls at Brockham escorts like to do the same.

Is this new love in your life making you feel a bit anxious? If that is the case, you should be on your guard right away. The girls at cheap Brockham escorts are big believers in what is known as the gut instinct and I must say that I agree with them. I think it plays a vital role when it comes to dating and we should never underestimate it. When I don’t feel right about somebody, I simply make my excuses and walk away from the date.  If you need any dating advice, please feel free to contact us at Brockham escorts, and we will be more than happy to help you out