Blean escorts – sex on a plane 

The Kent village of Blean is close tied to the City of Canterbury, and has during the past ten years become an important commuter village in the local area. It has a population of about 5,589. It is made up out of cheap little pretty cottages, but there are also many modern homes in the Blean area thanks to recent development.

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Where is your favorite place to have sex?

I am going to let you in on a little secret now which I have not even told any of my friends about. You see, I am one of those girls who have a few fetishes. My favorite fetish would be to have sex on a plane. So , if you know anybody who have got their own private plane, would you please let me know. 

Kinky Fetishes at Blean escorts?

Am I the only girl at cheap Blean escorts to have a kinky fetish? I am sure that I am not the only girl at the escort agency in Blean to have a kinky fetish, but I am probably the only girl at Blean escorts to keep a list. The list got started way before I joined Blean escorts, and now I am just keeping it up to date. I have been lucky in many ways, and I have actually ticked off many of special adventures as I like to call them. The one adventure I long to tick of the most is the one about having sex on a plane.

Other Top Fetishes of Mine

I do have other fetishes as well. Sometimes when I am in the mood, I do tell the gents I date at about my fetishes. Not all of them are terribly kinky, and I do think that at least some of the gents I meet at the agency like to hear about them. So far, I have never met a gent who has told me that I am too kinky for his linking, but I guess that one day that may come.

How Do I Handle My Fetishes at Blean escorts?

There are some days when I would really like to have my fetishes come out to play. What I have noticed is that some of the gentlemen I date at cheap Blean escorts turn me on more than others. That is kind o a risk zone for me, and I know that I may end up telling one of them about some of my more extreme fetishes.

I am not sure what would happen if I told my top gents at Blean escorts about my more extreme fetishes. A couple of them would probably be okay about them, but there are some gents who would probably be completely freaked out if I told them what I would really like to do.

Am I Okay?

One of the girls that I have worked with at Blean escorts for some time, think that I am letting fetishes take over my life. I know that some of the things that I do are kind of weird. For instance, I often find myself checking out other fetishes and see if I can relate to them in some sort of way. If I can, I go ahead and add them to my secret list of fetishes. 

The problem is that I can’t help. I have always been a little bit on the extreme side, and I have a feeling that some of the girls I work with at Blean escorts think that I am a little bit weird. Does it bother me? No, it does not bother me at all, and I think that my friends at the escort agency in Blean should learn to be a little bit more open minded. Like I keep saying to them, they are escorts after all, and they should all be enjoying a fetish or two in their own personal lives. Maybe they worry too much about fetishes to be able to enjoy them, I have come across that before.

The final word… if you do have a fetish, I think that you should enjoy it. As long as your fetish does not hurt anybody, I don’t think it will do any harm. Who knows – your partner may even enjoy your fetish…