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Some people are still keen to call Billericay in Essex a cheap village, put in fact, Billericay in Essex is one of the larger London commuter towns in this part of Essex. Today, this once rather quiet part of Essex, is home to 28,000. Billericay actually lies within the London basin and comes under the London Borough of Basildon. Some say that living in Billericay is not that different from living in London, but the locals are still fairly protective of Billericay.

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Living in Billericay

I had wanted to move out of central London for a long time, but I was not about to give up on many of the conveniences which came with living in central London. Getting back into town to enjoy modern conveniences was going to be essential for me, and that is why I decided to make Billericay in the London Borough of Basildon my new home.

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