Badshot Lea escorts  – Badshot Lea escorts debunk the top 5 myths about sex

Badshot Lea is located on the A31 making it the ideal residential location if you are a commuter to London or even the South Coast of England. It has a population of about 1,569 residents, and easily accessible from nearby Aldershot which lies north of the River Blackwater. 

Badshot Lea on Debunking Sex Myths

Let’s get honest about sex. So many of the gentlemen I have met at Badshot Lea escorts seem like to know what is good sex and cheap bad sex. Is there such a thing? Personally I would say that there is not such a thing at all. Sex is a bit like wine. Some people enjoy and love to drink a really good wine, and others prefer a cheaper wine. It really does not matter what wine we drink as long as we enjoy it. Wine can be all about snobbery, and so can sex as well.

Our dominatrix here at Badshot Lea escorts know that some get really turned on by domination when they see it online or enjoy a BDSM DVD. But in 9 out of 10 cases, the gentlemen who try domination with her, do not come back to see her again. They have loved as part of their fantasy life, but in reality, they soon appreciate that it is a totally different ball game. Like I say, not all children like to play the same, and that applies to gentlemen at Badshot Lea escorts as well. 

Sex On Sunday Morning

Is sex on Sunday morning better than during any other time during the week? Do I think that sex on Sunday morning is better? I would say that the reason we experience sex on Sunday morning as superior to other forms of sex, is simply because we do not rush it at all. We feel more relaxed, and that is why we take out time. When I speak to my dates at cheap Badshot Lea escorts, they often say that Sunday morning sex makes them feel a bit tired for the rest of the day, but they still enjoy it.

The girls here at Badshot Lea escorts also often say that they like Sunday morning sex. They get a chance to wake up naturally, there is not some nasty alarm clock blasting them awake, and consequently, they enjoy sex more.

Sex and Role Play According to Badshot Lea Escorts

Is role play sexy fun? What makes role play such fascinating, is simply because it takes place in the mind. Sure, role play sex happens physically as well, but at the same time, you are living out a fantasy. Role play sex is becoming more and more popular, and I love it. I think that it fulfills a very important part of our psyche, and triggers our sense of play. 

Most of the gentlemen I meet with at cheap Badshot Lea escorts have really high powered jobs, and I would say that enjoying a little bit of role play for them , is all about relaxing. It is a bit like us girls going to a spa. We love to chill out in the spa. Is going to the spa like role play? I think a day in the spa does not only have certain physical health benefits, but it has other mental health benefits as well. It gets you away from everyday life, and I guess in that sort of way, it is very much like role play.

Sex Parties – What are They All About?

You really have to be a bit of an extrovert to be happy and comfortable at a sex party. In the last few years, sex parties have become part of urban legend in London and Surrey. The rule is said to be that anything goes at sex parties, but the reality is somewhat different. Strict rules do govern sex parties, and you may think that anything goes at a sex party, but that is not true.

I do date some gentlemen at Badshot Lea escorts who go to sex parties on a regular basis. They keep telling me how many naughty things they get up to, but I do know that many of them are telling me about their sex party fantasies. There is no way you can attend a sex party and have unsafe sex. Also, some of my gents tell me that they photograph other party goers. That is not true at all, you are not allowed to photograph other party goers.

Badshot Lea escorts on Porn Movies

Are porn movies overrated? Yes, I do have cheap dates at Badshot Lea escorts who love to think that all of the sex they see in porn movies is for real. Unfortunately, very little of the sex in porn movies is for real, and enjoyable as the porn stars in the movies make out. Yes, it may seem like all of that bumping and grinding is for real, but most of the time, porn stars are just like any other actors and actresses. They simply make it up.

One of the girls here at Badshot Lea escorts had a short career as a porn star in the US, and when she came back to Badshot Lea escorts, she told us all about what it is like to work in the porn industry in the US. It may seem very sexy on the surface, but when it all comes down to it, the porn industry is a great big money making machine. 

If you would truly like to have an exciting sex life, find out what you like to do in bed, and make sure your partner is on the same wavelength as you. That is when you can truly enjoy some really great sex. Anyway, that is what I keep telling my dates at Badshot Lea escorts. I have found that it works for me. Learning to share our sexual fantasies is one of the best thing we can do. I know that it is not easy, but it does really work when you learn how to be open and honest about your sexual needs.