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Ash Vale escorts – should bisexuals take a sexuality test to determine what they really are

Rural Ash Vale in Surrey is a village very close to its much busier neighbour Guilford. It has a population about 6,500 persons, and is the perfect place for a cheap Sunday visit to walk along the Basingstoke canal. In recent years, Ash vale has become a popular location to invest in property in as house prices in the nearby towns have sky rocketed thanks to many people moving out of an overpriced London. 

Ash vale is also located close to Aldershot in Hampshire, and for many years, a border dispute took place over the location of Ash Vale. Was Ash Vale located in Surrey or Hampshire? In the end, Surrey claimed ownership of the village of Ash Vale.

Would You Like to Date a cheap Bisexual Girl?

I am not hung up about being bisexual or anything like that, but many of the gentlemen I date at the escort agency in Ash Vale, seem to be hung up about it. Am I the only girl at Ash Vale escorts who is bisexual? No, I am not the only girl at the escort agency in Ash Vale who is bisexual.

Do gents get excited by bisexual escorts? When I worked in London, I knew that a lot of gents used to get excited when I told them that I was bisexual. But, since I joined Ash Vale escorts, I have not told any gent that I am bisexual. Why? I have not been sure if it would “translate” well. I have not really been sure if the gentlemen in this part of the world are as open minded as the gents I used to date in London.

Bisexual Girls at cheap Ash Vale Escorts

Something inside my blond little head is telling me that I should just come out and tell the gentlemen I date at Vale escorts that I am bisexual. I know that some crazy people think that people who are AC/DC as it used to be called should take some sort of sexuality test, but I don’t agree with that at all. Do we really need to label everything? I think that we are a little bit too keen to do that, and it is better avoided.

In London, escort agencies are dying to employ cheap bisexual escorts just because they are seen as hot, so I am not sure why I am sitting here at Ash Vale escorts worrying about my sexuality. I think that many local gents would actually be excited to date me.

Coming Out Allover Again

Working for Ash Vale escorts is a totally different experience from working for an escort agency in London. The gentlemen I date here are totally different and are more interested in things like dinner and business style dating instead of spending time behind closed doors. It totally threw me at first, but to be fair, I am getting into it now. I rather like it and I have met some really nice gents during my short reign at cheap Ash Vale escorts.

This is the main reason why I am concerned about coming out and telling gents about my bisexuality. I am still building up my little black diary here at Ash vale escorts, and I don’t want to lose my dates. It feels like I am coming out allover again and I really do seem guidance. Should I tell them or not?

New Friends at Ash Vale Escorts

I have made some great friends since I moved to Ash Vale, and I really do enjoy my work here at the escort agency in Ash Vale. But would my new friends accept that I am bisexual? Some people do actually feel threatened by their bisexual friends as they claim they really don’t know where they stand with them. I can totally understand that, but I am not that sort of girl who would impose my sexuality on others. 

How to Keep Yourself to Yourself

I am not saying that you should become a loner because of your sexuality. At the same time, I don’t think that it is right that you keep your keep sexuality to yourself. It does not matter if you are lesbian or bisexual, to be honest, I really don’t think that you have anything to be ashamed of when it comes to your sexuality.

Most of the girls at Ash Vale escorts are very open minded and I am more than happy to talk to them about my sexuality. Being bisexual outside of London seems to be a little bit more unusual, and I think it could be harder to come to terms with if you do not have any bisexual friends in your immediate area.

Is It Trendy to Be Bisexual? 

No, I don’t think that it is just trendy to be bisexual. I think the main problem is that many people are bisexual, and simply are afraid of revealing their sexuality others. One of the girls I work with at cheap Ash Vale escorts thinks that bisexuality is just a trend. She says that a lot of people seem to be coming out all of a sudden, and she does not think that they are for real.

I think that they are for real. The reason they are coming out now, is because there is an increasing acceptance of different kinds of sexuality, and I think that we are certainly experiencing that here at Ash Vale escorts. Talking about your sexual preferences has become a lot more acceptable, and I think that in the future, we will see more and more people let their true sexual nature out. Is that a good thing? I certainly think that it is, and I love it.  It is important to acknowledge yourself sexually, and I have this sneaky suspicion that there are a few girls at Ash  Vale escorts who simply are not doing so at the moment. 

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