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Yeading is a really historical part of London, and Yeading dates back to 757 AD. It is now part of the London Borough of Hillingdon but it has an interesting historical past. A long time ago, Yeading, or as it was known then Geddinges,  was a leading village in Anglo Saxon Britain. It had strong links to many other Angle Saxon villages, and may even have been a religious center. It is located not very far from Hayes Middlesex. Yeading dock used to be an important part of the Grand Union canal, and bricks used to be transported from Yeading to the rest of London.

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I feel proud of living in this very historic part of London. Yeading used to be a bit of back water here in London, but all of that is beginning to change. More and more people are moving away from central London, they simply cannot afford to live there any longer.

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