Essex Woodlands Park

Woodlands Park is a cheap popular residential area on Essex. It is located in Great Dunmow in Essex which is known for its large properties which are located in and around the surrounding Great Dunmow countryside. Most people who live in the area commute to work in other places in Essex such as Chelmsford and cheap modern-day east London. Woodlands Park is a pretty part of Great Dunmow and known for its rural appeal. 

Too Many Scams in the UK?

You are not going to believe this, but I think that I have just been scammed. Many of the girls at cheap Woodlands Park escorts have been subjected to scam. Needless to say, it is not only the girls at Woodlands Park escorts who have been subject to scams. Reading the paper this morning, it seems that the population of Essex and the rest of the Uk are subject to an endless amount of scams.

What are the police doing about scams? The UK police is overstretched as it is. They have all of the knife crime in London to cope with, but that is not all. There is so much violence on our streets today that scams are perhaps the last thing on the mind of our local coppers. The girls I work with at cheap Woodlands Park escorts certainly don’t seem to have got a lot of satisfaction from reporting the scams they were subjected to over the phone or on the Internet.

What Are the Most Common Scams cheap Woodlands Park Escorts Are Subjected To?

I think that the most common scam Woodlands Park escorts have been subjected to in the last couple of months is dating site scams. The majority of the girls at Woodlands Park escorts like to date online and away from Woodlands Park. I think that dating away from home goes for most girls who work for escort agencies. After all, you want to don’t end up dating a local guy. There is just too much of a risk that he finds out that you work for Woodlands Park escorts.

The danger with casting your net further, is that it is not so easy to check the identity of your date. For instance, is he really who he says it is. Believe me, there are plenty of men out there who seem to enjoy spending their time scamming not only Woodlands Park escorts, but other girls as well.

Don’t Hand Over Any Cash

Some men ask for cash for dates. I have met men online who have claimed that they have not had enough money to travel to dates. They want you to send them money using some obscure money transfer system. Do they turn up for the date? Most of them time they don’t turn up for the date, and if they do, they often try to scam more money out of you. 

It is awful, but it did happen to one of the girls I work with at cheap Woodlands Park escorts. She ended up dating this one guy who she had met on a dating site. He seemed really sweet, and she liked him. The problem was that he ended up claiming poverty and in turn, she ended up paying for everything. After a couple of weeks she found out that he had a really good job, but liked to turn “tricks” in his spare time.

It always best to say no if you are not sure about an investment idea or an online dating service. Sadly there are some dating services which only exist to get money out both men and women. Some of us are so desperate for a bit of love that we are prepared to pay for the pleasure.

Sure, it is a good idea to enjoy some company, but if you want to enjoy some cheap sexy female company without being scammed, you would be better off turning to Woodlands Park escorts. We are here 24/7 for you, and if you feel that you need some female company, all you need to do is to give us a call. I am a good girl and I would not dream of scamming any of the men that I date at Woodlands Park escorts.