Whitstable in Kent

It may seem funny that an East End London boy has ended up in Whitstable here in Kent. Well, I have actually attracted to this part of Kent because of the oyster fishing industry. This town of 30,000 is responsible for most of the oyster harvest in the UK. I visited Whitstable in Kent with a friend of mine and just liked the place. As I work  from home, I did not really have a problem with relocating from London and settling in this part of Kent. As a matter of fact, it was the perfect thing to do for me.

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Ladies at Whitstable Escorts

I have always been happiest in my own company, but of course I have invited fine women into my life. Dating outcall escorts is almost like a drug to me, and I could never resist girls at the escort agency when I lived in East London. When I first moved to Whitstable, I did not know whether I would have to give up on fine female companions, or if I could find an escort agency in Whitstable. To me surprise, I found the most stunning ladies working as Whitstable escorts, and they became my drug.

Most of the local here in Whitstable are regular London commuters, or they work in local industry. To find an escort agency in Whitstable really surprised me, but just like in London, escorts services are popping up everywhere these days.

I find that escorts can be like a drug, and I spend a lot of time blogging about escort and sex. The girls who work as Whitstable escorts, are just as hot and sexy as many of the girls that I met in London. It is all too easy to presume that escort services outside of London are going to be less good. To be honest, Whitstable escorts are my new drug, and they are just as addictive and lucious as many of the girls that I met in East London.

Kira from Whitstable Escorts

My first date with a girl from Whitstable escorts takes up an entire page on my personal blog. I had spent a couple of hours going through the Whitstable escorts website. Deciding on which hot offering to date first of all was not easy for me. I am normally a blonde kind of guy, but the brunette Whitstable escorts really turned me on as well. One in particular caught my eye, and I was soon on the phone to the escort agency arranging a date with Kira.

Kira was a Polish brunette who had been dating with the agency for about six months. She looked really young and innocent in her images, and that is what attracted me to her in the first place. her long brown hair just finished above her nipples, and her perfectly toned young body invited me to call her. Two hours later when Kira from Whitstable escorts turned up at my door, I knew that I had made the right choice. This stunning young lady just beckoned me to spend time with her.

Kira slipped her perfect figure in through my door and somehow we ended up in my conservatory. Luckily, my cottage is kind of isolated and nobody can see into my conservatory. If someone had been able to see this delight from Whitstable escorts, they may have wondered what was going on, and even interrupted the fun we were having. Needless to say, that was something that I did not want to happen at all.

My evening of delight with Kira from Whitstable escorts passed by all too quickly. Before I knew it, she had to leave, but I made a mental note to call her again. Her mazing openness and sensuality had inspired me, and I found myself dreaming about my dream date from Whitstable escorts.

Seeing her Again

Since my first date with Kira, I have always called Whitstable escorts many times. To be honest, I have not always dated Kira. There are many delights in this chocolate box, and I want to experience them all.

Working from home allows me to date when I need to. All of the girls from Whitstable escorts have done more than to delight me. I know that whenever I feel in need for some sensual company, it is right here in Whitstable to be had. There is no need for me to travel into London to seek female company. All that I need is right here and I can delight in the pleasure of Whitstable escorts.