What Makes Dating In London Different?

It’s been said that dating in London can be quite different compared to anywhere else. Some say that dating can be hard, and it can be harder in London. So what makes the London dating scene different compared to everywhere else? Is it really that difficult to date in London? Are you doomed to be single for life?

With a population of 9.5 Million as of 2022, you would think that dating in London and finding a partner would be an easy feat. What makes it difficult is that London is such a busy area, and with it is a fast-paced lifestyle, and busy people hustling and bustling. This is one of the reasons why dating can be quite difficult. Finding the time, making the time, setting the time with someone to date is difficult. Schedules can be conflicting, so much so that they say dating can be like booking a meeting.

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In addition to the busy lifestyle, London is a huge area. It is 1.527 km2 big and for some, living in different areas can be a deal-breaker, much like a long-distance relationship that seem to be avoided at all cost. In addition, getting from one area to the next, not only can consume time, it can also cost you.

So how do people date in London, you ask? The norm seems to be through dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Happn, among others. There are so many dating apps to choose from, and they continue to pop up everywhere.

Know what the numerous dating apps around cause? A lot of options. Different dating apps, different girls and boys, some may find it hard to choose which one to go for. There is also the fear of missing out. So many options, so little time, which is worth the time and the effort? Some find themselves at a standstill and just choose a relationship with their careers instead.

London has the best bars in the world, which means most dates will revolve around drinking, which can totally be fine and a lot of fun, too. This sets the tone, most of the time, and Londoners do like to have a lot of fun.

Is your date interested or is he or she just being polite? Most Londoners were raised in a very polite environment, not causing a fuss, and avoiding conflicts. This can lead to confusion on whether your date is genuinely interested in you or is just being polite. How do you decide?

So you finally get the guts to ask your date directly if he or she is interested and what do you get? Silence. Ghosting seems to be a common occurrence nowadays, and London is no different. The sudden cease of communication as opposed to simply telling the truth that they are not interested seems to be becoming a norm. Everyone in their dating life has been ghosted or done the ghosting themselves. Harsh? Yes. Normal? Yes.

Dating in general can be difficult. Dating in London, adds an extra layer to it. All we can say is enjoy the experience. Meet people, get to know them, have fun. Doesn’t work out? Go to the next. You are bound to find someone that fits you. Some end up with someone from work, a friend, even a flatmate. Then again, is that such a bad thing?

Enjoy the London dating scene. Meet people, have fun, relax, and enjoy the ride. For dating tips, check out charlotteaction.org


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