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Are you thinking about moving out of the larger towns or cities in the English county of Kent, you may want to consider moving to Westmarsh. This pretty little village near Ash in Kent has in recent years become a bit of hot spot for property investors. This has a result pushed prices up and many local residents have found it hard to stay in the area as they can’t find a reasonably priced home.

If you would like to know more about living in Westmarsh, there are a couple of websites that you can check out. In general, Westmarsh in Kent is a popular place to live for both singles and families, but if you grew up in the area, you may find that Westmarsh home prices are out of your reach. The housing stock in the area mainly consists of rural homes and cottages, and to former Londoners. they represent excellent value for money. 

Why Do People Move Out Of London?

If you live in Westmarsh in Kent, you may be wondering why so many people are moving out of London. I can understand that. On the surface of it, it may seem like the sleep backwater in Kent is being taken over by Londoners. Living in London is certainly a challenge. It is very expensive and getting around London is hard work as well. And dating escorts in London is also expensive.

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